Bookish Family, and a Giveaway

In the past couple of weeks the girls have become completely obsessed with books. All the time it is “book! book! book!” (unless there’s a dog around, of course, in which case it is “dog! a dog! woof woof! woof!”). They’re bringing books to anyone who can read and having us read them 53 times in a row. It is awesome.

We had more bookish fun this week when I put the girls in their Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts. On a whim I decided to change Daniel into one of his Cat in the Hat shirts and his Cat in the Hat hat and take them all outside to take a picture. The result was probably the most popular picture I ever posted on social media, other than perhaps when the girls were born (although maybe not even that).

Thanks for the books (and the picture), Little, Brown!

So, I know the month is half over and I was supposed to tell you about this weeks ago, but Bloggers Recommend is giving away a total of FIFTY copies of Donna Tartt’s newest book, The Goldfinch. Tartt’s A Secret History is widely beloved, and The Goldfinch promises to be one of the hottest books this fall. It comes out in October, but YOU, my friends, YOU can read it early. We’re giving away a copy a day for the rest of the month from Bloggers Recommend (enter here), and I have another three copies here. Enter both places because, why not?

To enter to win a copy of The Goldfinch from me, fill out the form below by 11:59pm Central on Friday, August 23rd. US-only, please. I would also strongly encourage you to subscribe to the Bloggers Recommend newsletter and get the hottest book picks sent to your email inbox once a month.



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Sunday Salon – July 14

Big publishing news broke yesterday! It turns out The Casual Vacancy isn’t the only adult book that JK Rowling has written and published. It seems that the crime novel Cuckoo’s Calling, written under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, is the work of Rowling. Cuckoo’s Calling has been well reviewed – including by my friend Michelle at That’s What She Read – but had reportedly only sold 1500 copies. Since the news broke it has shot to the number one selling book on Amazon and has sold out there. I have a copy on my shelves I may have to start it now, but if you want to read it you may need to call around to some independent bookstores!

Around these parts things have been busy and I still don’t have my blog back in order after the hacking last week, I really need to fix my sidebars, but part of me wants to go ahead and do a whole new theme and look as long as I am at it. I did spend a bit of time looking through themes and couldn’t find anything that seemed flexible enough for me. I don’t know, if anyone has any great theme recommendations, I’d love to hear them. I’d also like to know what people use for stats on, I had been using the WordPress stats, but that got messed up in the hacking (actually I think it was in whatever my host did to fix the hacking because they worked while the front page of my site was down and not after it went back up) and I can’t seem to get them fixed. ALSO, it seems that if I link to my own blog in a post, everything after that link is deleted from the post. If anyone has aaaaaany ideas how to fix that, I would love to hear them.

While avoiding dealing with my blog, I did get some reading in:

I would link you to what I posted and reviewed this week but, you know, can’t link to my own blog without having things vanish!


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Sunday Salon – Sleepy Edition

This has been an overwhelming week. We had my grandfather’s memorial service on Monday, then there was 4th of July, and then yesterday was the joint birthday party for Daniel and the girls. Oh! And my blog was hacked on Friday, when I was in the middle of getting ready for the party (the nice people at my host fixed it, but my widgets and a couple of other things are still screwy). I’m sort of wiped out now. We did have a lot of fun at the party yesterday, though.

And the obligatory cake video, although they didn’t really SMASH it

Unsurprisingly, I didn’t get much reading done this week, here’s what I finished:

This week I posted my June Reading Wrap-Up and reviewed three books:

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Sunday Salon – Goodbye, Google Reader!

So, as of tomorrow morning, July 1, Google Reader is going away. I have personally already switched to Feedly and honestly I like it better than Reader. They can import your Google reader subscriptions, but you might want to hurry and sign up today, because I have no idea if Google is going to remember where you were subscribed as of tomorrow.

This past week was Daniel’s 4th birthday and we had a whole bunch of fun activities. In the coming week we have two more family birthdays, as well as the combined family birthday party for Daniel and the girls. Lots of fun!

I’m still in a bit of a reading slump, but my audio time is going pretty well, here’s what I finished this week:

To celebrate the end of June is Audiobook Month, I hosted a roundtable discussion between Mary Kay Andrews and Kathleen McInerney who narrates Andrews’s more recent books. I also reviewed the following:

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Sunday Salon – Post-Audiobook Week

This was sort of a crazy week. On one hand, it was Audiobook Week, which is one of the biggest weeks on my blog. Luckily I had nearly everything scheduled and ready to go, because at the end of last week we heard that my grandfather was in the hospital. On Sunday we drove down to Indianapolis because he was doing worse. He passed on on Monday afternoon and we were down there until Tuesday. When we came back I had a few freelance assignments that had to be taken care of right away, but other than that I was more into spending time with my kids than any time on the computer, so I still haven’t commented on more than 15 or so Audiobook Week posts. Eventually I will though, I promise!

In case you missed any Audiobook Week posts, here’s the wrap-up:

Audiobook Week Reviews
Discussion: Your Audiobook Year
Discussion: How Do You Choose Your Audiobooks?
Discussion: Mid-Week Meme
Discussion: Audiobook Tasks
Discussion: Learning About Audiobooks

I did get a fair amount of reading in with all my not at the computer time. Here’s what I finished:

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