How Do You Choose Your Audiobooks? – Audiobook Week Discussion

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Today’s prompt:

How do you decide what you’ll listen to? Do you mostly listen, or split time between listening and reading? Particularly if you split time, how do you decide what you’ll consume in audio and what in print?

Over the past few years, my reading has been about 1/3 audio. Now that I have less time for print (and almost all of my ebook time is for work), the percentage of my books that are consumed in audio has gone up to about 40%.

Given the right narrator, I’m willing to try just about anything in audio, although super-complex stuff is often better in print. I will often choose audio for nonfiction, unless it is something I need to pay particularly lose attention to or take notes on. I also tend to try to go with audio for things that are already out; almost all my of my print reading (other than things for BOOK CLUB) are pre-release, since I need to consider books for upcoming Bloggers Recommend newsletters.

How do you choose what to listen to and what to read?

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8 comments to How Do You Choose Your Audiobooks? – Audiobook Week Discussion

  • When we have time constraints audiobooks allow us to listen to books we would otherwise never get to.

  • I have to start delving into nonfiction on audio – I have no idea why I haven’t yet!

  • I pretty much choose my audiobooks by what is available to me via my library’s overdrive and sadly they don’t get too many new ones. I also take advantage of the SYNC program currently running. I have an audible subscription but I save those credits for books I’m dying to read and can’t get elsewhere.

  • I really like non-fiction in audio format too. And yes, complex books are trickier to listen to than read in print.

  • I prefer nonfiction on audio, too.

  • I’ve loved audiobooks for a while, but starting grad school made them my only option for pleasure reading!

  • That’s a really good point about pre-releases and galleys. Yep we definitely don’t have a choice but to read those in print or ebook. I’m also less picky with audio than I am with ebook or print – I’m much more willing to do a book club book in audio even if I don’t like it as much. I’m less patient if I don’t like a book I read in print or ebook since that is all I am doing all the time it takes me to read it.

  • Jackie

    I look for favorite authors and narrators. I like light books when I’m listening–something that doesn’t require deep thought or have complicated plots. I prefer deeper books in print.