Penny, n by Madeline McDonnell – Book Review

Penny, n by Madeline McDonnell
Published by Rescue Press

From the publisher:

A definition: 1) A one-cent coin equal to one hundredth of a dollar; 2) A blue-skirted, soon-to-be thirty-year-old, champagne-swilling, high-rise-dwelling lounge singer; 3) A hopeful and lonely woman in love; 4) The object of a depressive and manic lexicographer’s angst and affection; 5) A trivial amount; 6) A slave or servant; 7) An Itty-Bitty-Kitty-Keeper, a Yuppy-puppy, a Munchkin or Muffin; 8) Bridey’s maid-of-honor; 9) A mother’s pretty wonder; 10) A love-sick story of worth and worry.

Penny, n is a curious little novella, more concerned with words and word play than story. Of course, the premise is about the power of words, the way they can change people and relationships, and not necessarily the ways we expect. While Penny’s lexicographer boyfriend begins working on a hotly contested definition for a new edition of the dictionary, he begins to call her by a new name, a name that will change their relationship and even Penny’s conception of herself.

Penny, n is not as quick of a read as you might guess, being only about 140 pages, but it is an interesting one and makes a good change of pace. Recommended.

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