Sunday Salon – Goodbye, Google Reader!

So, as of tomorrow morning, July 1, Google Reader is going away. I have personally already switched to Feedly and honestly I like it better than Reader. They can import your Google reader subscriptions, but you might want to hurry and sign up today, because I have no idea if Google is going to remember where you were subscribed as of tomorrow.

This past week was Daniel’s 4th birthday and we had a whole bunch of fun activities. In the coming week we have two more family birthdays, as well as the combined family birthday party for Daniel and the girls. Lots of fun!

I’m still in a bit of a reading slump, but my audio time is going pretty well, here’s what I finished this week:

To celebrate the end of June is Audiobook Month, I hosted a roundtable discussion between Mary Kay Andrews and Kathleen McInerney who narrates Andrews’s more recent books. I also reviewed the following:

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1 comment to Sunday Salon – Goodbye, Google Reader!

  • I agree- I’ve become a fan of Feedly. Enough that I put a ‘Follow on Feedly” button on my blog.

    Good luck with Birthday Season at your house. Happy Birthday to all!