TSS: Unitasking Failure

Last week I talked about the fact that I wanted to try an experiment in unitasking. I was doing really well on Monday until about 3:30, when I got tired and no longer really felt like being too productive. Since then, I really haven’t been doing well at all. Part of the issue has been sleep, I didn’t sleep well last Saturday or Sunday night, and since then we’ve been teaching Daniel to put himself to sleep, which hasn’t yet resulted in great sleep for us, although he’s starting to get pretty good.

With Daniel’s sleep issues, I didn’t get a whole lot read this week. Here’s what I finished in print:

And one audio:

I also read half of section three of “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” for the Classic Reads Book Club discussion and part four of “Wolf Hall” for my #WHall Twitter discussion.

I read “The Devil’s Highway” because Luis Alberto Urrea is going to be at an event at my favorite indie bookstore, The Bookstore in Glen Ellyn this coming week. He’ll be there for Cinqo de Mayo to celebrate his new work “Mr. Mendoza’s Paintbrush.” There will be books and margaritas – what could be better???

Here is what I reviewed last week (covers link to posts):

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9 comments to TSS: Unitasking Failure

  • Oh how I wish I could be at the Luis Urrea event! He and his wife, Cindy, are just a joy to be with!

  • So great that you are able to go to the Urrea event! And sorry unitasking didn’t work out. How about an experiment in duotasking? (bitasking? double-tasking?)

  • Hey, you get credit for trying at least. If you ever figure out the trick, please share it with me because I feel like I am running everywhere but not moving forward! Hang in there with the sleeping thing. Once Daniel gets it, your life will greatly improve!

  • I’m sorry to hear the unitasking experiment did not go well. Maybe things will pick up once your son is sleeping better?

  • I don’t think I’d be capable of unitasking myself – I can’t even do it at work. I get my work done – I just occasionally need to glance away at something else. I hope you get more sleep this week!

  • Amy

    Book and margaritas?! Nice! I wish my bookstores had events like that. We only ever have children’s hour. 😛

  • I hope this week brings more sleep your way! And I can’t wait to hear what you think of Leaving the Saints – I read it a couple years ago and found it fascinating.

  • I am ashamed–I haven’t finished part 4! I will join in the discussion anyway after work–not sure I’ll be able to contribute much though.

  • It’s so hard to get babies to learn how to put themselves to sleep! Crying is involved and I could never stand to listen to them cry for very long. Especially when they woke up during the night and you knew you could get them back to sleep so much faster if you helped.