Mother’s Day Contest Winner

The winner of the Jennie Nash Mother’s Day contest is Sheila from Book Journey. About her favorite fictional mother-daughter pair, Sheila says:

This was an easy pick for me.  I have always admired the mother/daughter relationship between Lorelai and Rory from the Gilmore Girls TV series.  They are so close and funny and connect in rare ways, brought together by the bond of a single mom who had her daughter at a young age.

Through the show I experienced every emotion they could go through from battling on together, to Rory moving out, so much laughter – as well as tears.

Watching these two makes me miss my mom all the more.  I still watch these episiodes and refer to them as my comfort show.

Sheila wins a signed copy of “The Threadbare Heart” and will be entered in the grand prize drawing to win a set of books for her book club, as well as a rum cake.

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5 comments to Mother’s Day Contest Winner

  • Congratulations Sheila! I agree that watching Rory & Lorelai is very comforting, to me especially when I was moving out myself. All such familiar emotions.

  • Congrats, Sheila! Not surprised in the least that you picked the Gilmores!

  • Can you believe I’ve never seen that show? Congratulations, Sheila!

  • Yikes! That’s a show I missed!

  • Oh my goodness – I am so sorry I never popped over here and read this post! I am just catching up on my reader now. The Gilmores are so wonderful and if you are starting to watch – I highly suggest starting with season one to follow the story.

    One of the girls in my book club is borrowing my seasons and she is flying through them. Her and her husband are watching an episode a night, sometimes two.

    Thank you for the win! This was a great contest!