TSS 2: Mother’s Day Giveaway

 Last summer I read Jennie Nash’s “The Last Beach Bungalow” and really enjoyed it. So, of course, I was very excited to hear that she had a new book coming out, and even more excited when she offered me a copy for review.

Nash’s new book is called “The Threadbare Heart,” and I’ll be starting it later today. Here’s the publisher’s description: (Note: I’ve whited out the publisher’s description so you can still see it if you want, but won’t be forced to, because after reading the book I realized that it is RIDICULOUSLY spoilery. If you don’t want to be spoiled but do want to know what the book is about, you can check out my review).

A photo of her sons. A doormat from Target. Twenty-three tubs of fabric. Somehow it comforts Lily to list the things she lost when a wildfire engulfed the Santa Barbara avocado ranch she shared with her husband, Tom. He didn’t make it out either. His last act was to save her grandmother’s lace from the flames-an heirloom she has never been able to take scissors to, that she was saving for someday…

As she negotiates her way through her grief, mourning both the tangible and intangible, Lily wonders about her long marriage. Was it worth all the work, the self-denial? Did she stay with Tom just to avoid loneliness? Should she have been more like her mother, Eileen-thrice-married and even now, approaching eighty, cavalier about men and, it seems, even her daughter’s emotions?

It’s up to Lily to understand what she could still gain even when it seems that everything is lost. Someday has arrived…

“The Threadbare Heart” is going to be released this coming Tuesday – right before Mother’s Day – so Jennie is sponsoring a Mother’s Day contest on this and about 25 or 30 other blogs. The winner from each blog will receive a signed copy of “The Threadbare Heart” and will be entered in the grand prize drawing to win a ‘book club in a box’ of 10 signed copies of the book, a call to your bookclub from Jennie, and a rum cake. I’m really contemplating entering on someone else’s blog just to try for the rum cake!

Here’s what will happen:

  • Sometime this week leave a contest entry on ONE of the blogs participating, about 250(ish) words on your favorite fictional (book, film, whatever) mother-daughter pair: who made you laugh, cry, explore your own relationships, whatever. If you are entering here, as I hope you will, please leave your response in the Google Form below.
  • On Mother’s Day, each blogger will post their the favorite response (so, by entering, you’re giving me permission to post your entry, along with your name!). I will simply choose the response that most appeals to me. If multiple responses are roughly equal in my estimation, I will choose via Random.org.
  • On May 16th Jennie will choose her favorite entry to win a grand prize, and the blogger on whose blog the entry originally appeared will win a gift certificate to Powells (but, alas, no rum cake!)

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