Devourer of Books 2014 and Beyond

So, in the last quarter of 2013, it seemed a little like I might have accidentally quitting book blogging.

There was a lot going on with that. For one thing, my motivation has been low ever since my blog was hacked over the 4th of July weekend. Honestly, some things still don’t work right. My WordPress stats can’t be accessed now (which is a little nice actually, not going to lie), I can’t use the link tool in my post editor to search for links within my blog, and pasting text from anywhere is a MINEFIELD because every curly apostrophe I fail to hunt down and remove will just ERASE the rest of the post when I try to save (and actually half of this post disappeared when I saved it despite the fact I had no links or text posted from anywhere else ARGH). Add to this the fact that I spend much of the day with three little children, two of whom would just loooove to bang on the keyboard, which means my computer lives up in my office, where I cannot get unless the littlest ones are asleep or in the care of someone else. I get a ton of stuff done on my phone and tablet but writing posts with any significant formatting (or really writing anything over a couple hundred words) is basically a no go.

All this being said, I’m not really ready to give up on Devourer of Books. It has been a pretty important part of my life for nearly 6 years now, and I think it is time for the blog to evolve so that it doesn’t die. Here’s what I *think* this is going to mean, although I reserve the right to completely change basically all of this:

  • Fewer reviews, particularly formal reviews. You may get more of my responses to books and more responses to a group of books (such as cozy mysteries). I am not going to sit down and force a review just because I read a book, even if I did love it. If I don’t have anything to say, I’m probably not going to say anything.
  • Sound Bytes is going monthly. I will have a monthly linky for January up tomorrow, and am planning to start hereafter on the first of every month. Being able to divorce the linky from a review will make sure that I actually put it up. Each linky will be up all month, so just link up and check out other people’s reviews whenever you can over the course of the month.
  • I will be talking about other media I consume. Inspired partly by Pop Culture Happy Hour (which I will talk more about in the future), I am going to talk, or at least post, about other media I am consuming. I already have a post scheduled for next week about what is hanging out in my Netflix queue.
  • Fitness has been a big part of my life over the last six months. First walking, then running and other workouts have actually taken up a lot of my potential blogging time. I’m doing a 10k training program now and hoping to run an 8k in March, so I may be spending some time talking about that here as well.
  • There WILL still be book stuff here, don’t think because I’m talking about running and Netflix that I’m ditching the whole book thing, I’m just trying to change up what I’m doing so that I – and hopefully you – stay interested in the blog.

Hopefully you’ll stick around as Devourer of Books changes and grows in the coming year.

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13 comments to Devourer of Books 2014 and Beyond

  • Yay – so glad you’re not going anywhere and I actually look forward to seeing more of your posts about fitness, movies, babies etc :-)

  • I’m glad you’re not quitting and yay for reinventing your blog into what you want it to be. So often I think we feel pressure to keep up with other similar blogs and end up doing ourselves a disservice. I look forward to reading about all the things you’re interested in!

  • So, does your monthly Sound Bytes mean just link up any audio reviews you have during the course of the month?

    I also basically stopped blogging in 2013. I only came back to it at the end of November because I figured the co-host for Virtual Advent should actually blog… I started doing a couple memes to at least have something to post because I am still not really interested in writing reviews. I am trying to be informal. I hope your new approach works for you. (Sorry to hear your blog got hacked!)

  • We can still be friends because your new blog and my new blog are basically the same concept.

  • I think its amazing you’ve been blogging this long with 3 little ones at home. I had my first child this year and I could barely get through any books. I think its great that you are letting your blog evolve with your interests. Otherwise, what’s the point?

    Instead of my book blog, I’ve migrated over to Tumblr to start an early literacy blog for parents and librarians because that has been my passion ever since I had my son this year. That’s the fun of the Internet. You can constantly reinvent yourself.

  • I think technical issues might just break me sometimes too. Not to mention that thing called LIFE gets in the way of blogging – we all understand! We’ll be here when you decide to pop in! In the meantime, have a happy new year!

  • I’m glad you’re continuing Sound Bytes. I’ll be linking up. Blogging is a challenge with little ones. Good for you for taking care of your health and training for your 10k!

  • Yay! I’m looking forward to the changes. I’m glad you are sticking around.

  • Life changes and your blogging has to change with it. I’m glad to see Sound Bytes will still be around and actually the monthly thing is great. I’ve been trying to schedule my audio reviews for Fridays but now I’ve got more flexibility.

    I love that you’ll be talking about other stuff (I’m a fellow PCHH fan).\

    Good luck with your training for your 8k!!

  • Happy New Year, Jen! I’ll definitely be sticking around.

    That sucks about things still not working correctly since the blog-hack debacle. Ugh.

  • I think a lot of people are adapting their blogs this year to fit more with life than with a strict schedule – I have been reading that all over the place in the last week or so. My goal for the year is to get back to doing some of the posts I love and have not had as much time to do, while still reviewing books – although I might change up my reviewing formats too. Good luck!

  • I’ve loved reading your blog and can’t wait to see this evolution of it. And there’s nothing wrong with adapting it to work with your life etc