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As I am writing this, I got home about twenty minutes ago from seeing the second installment in the The Hunger Games trilogy (although, are the actually doing the third book in one movie? I have a suspicion it might be in two), Catching Fire. Let me say, ah-may-zing.

You guys, Catching Fire is so, so good. I’ll admit that it was maybe also my favorite book of the series, so maybe it isn’t surprising that I loved movie, although that much love for a book gives the movie a lot to live up to. When the casting of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss was announced I was initially really skeptical. All I knew about her was having seen her on the red carpet at the Oscars when she was nominated for Winter’s Bone and she just looked SO glamorous that I couldn’t see her as Katniss in a million years. But she is really fabulous. I absolutely forget that she is Jennifer Lawrence, despite the fact that her face has launched a thousand gifs.

She IS Katniss. She just is, she inhabits her completely, both Katniss’s heroic attributes, and her more annoying ones. Really, all the casting is fabulous. I wasn’t sure about the guy who plays Finnick because he, too, didn’t look right to me, but I thought he was wonderful as well, and I forgot how unsure I was about him and just ate it all up with a spoon. The only thing I will say about the casting is that as much as I was Team Peeta in the books, Liam Hemsworth has me drifting over to Team Gale. He is super adorable.

What I really loved about the movie, though? The Victory Tour. Oh my gosh, I cried ALL THE TEARS. It just killed me dead. I mean, it killed me dead in the book, too, those are very moving scenes, but seeing Katniss actually facing Rue’s family and the response of the crowd. Man. I just cannot. I’m thinking I’m going to have to go back and see it again. My plan is to go by myself and sit in the very way back of the theater so I can just ugly cry in peace throughout the whole thing.

If you would like to read an essay about Catching Fire that is a smart and funny reaction, rather than my emotional ALL THE FEELS reaction, I very highly recommend the one Linda Holmes (who is my FAVORITE, but more about that when I get around to discussing Pop Culture Happy Hour) wrote on the NPR Monkey See blog about Katniss’s movie girlfriend.

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  • I still haven’t seen this. We so rarely go to the theater and usually wait for the Blu-Ray release. I think it might be better for me to watch it at home because of all the crying that’s likely to happen.

  • If they are like any movie franchise at this point they will do the last movie in two instalments… I haven’t seen this yet and I really want to!! Lorrie offered to go a few weeks ago and I stupidly declined. I can’t remember why now! (Probably because I hate paying the ridiculous prices at the movies…)

  • Catching Fire was definitely my favorite of the series, too. I enjoyed the Hunger Games movie, but I wasn’t very excited by it. I will definitely watch this movie, though. I’ll have tissues with me.

  • Tif

    I wanted to see this movie so badly that I snuck away in the middle of the day while my kids were in school and watched it by myself! And, I LOVED it! Lawrence is the perfect Katniss and I cannot get enough of this series in both movie and book format!

  • I cried like four times in the first 30 minutes of the movie. My BFF was sitting next to me handing me tissues. If I were home? Ugly cries for SURE. So well done! I have to say, I’m looking forward to Mockingjay even more now.

  • I love this post and I love how you write it in-the-moment. Now, as for Team Gale, any Hemsworth is worthy if adoration. Lol. As for the third installment, I have it on the best authority (ahem, my 13yo son) that it will be two movies, so lots more Hunger Games. The first movie was great but this movie, for me too, had greater emotional impact. It’s the Moms inside of us.

    • Someone told me that last night on Facebook, too, about the last book being two movies. I’m not really sure how I feel about that, because I went back last night and re-read my review of Mockingjay and it is all about how I was so bored in the first half. I’m not exactly sure how that translates to the 3rd of the 4 movies being any good, but here’s hoping!

  • I have only read the first two books in the series, I will read the third before the next movie – I also heard that book 3 will be made into two movies. I thought the movie was great – and I was not the biggest fan of Catching Fire in book form. For me the book was just very boring – more talk than action. I loved how they did the Victory Tour, with the montage – it was visually awesome. They have done a great job with the movies thus far and I think the other two will be fine.

  • I too liked Catching Fire, the movie & book. It was different than book 1, a bit more nuanced. Here are my thoughts on the movie