Sunday Salon – 1-20-13

So, Daniel and my husband were in California most of this last week. I had this idea that with Daniel out of the house (but, you know, two six month old babies still here) I would have a ton of time to do ALL THE THINGS. Yeah, it turned out that wasn’t true. Really the only advantage of not having Daniel here was that I could nap when the girls did, which I did exactly once. So now somehow I still have to do ALL THE THINGS.

Of course, I did get one very exciting thing done this week, and that was signing my first author. Nicole Evelina writes historical fiction and I will be working on selling her first (really, really fabulous) book this year. I can’t wait until you are all able to read it.

Anyway, here’s what I read this week:

Therese Fowler’s Z isn’t out until the end of March, but it is fantastic, as is Kate Atkinson’s Life after Life, which I’m reading right now and which is out in April. Of course, by reading books from March and April I’m missing some January books, which is why I posted this week about the January books I’d like to Drop Everything and Read. And here’s what I reviewed this week:


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