Sunday Salon – Out and About

If I haven’t been around as much as usual this week, it is because I’ve pretty much either been working or I’ve been outside. For the past two weeks now I’ve been trying to get our yard in shape and have been, in particular, waging war against dandelions. I seem to be winning at the moment, but it is a war that requires Constant Vigilance. (We don’t want to be using weed killer on the lawn while the girls are at an age where they crawl around on it). So, anyway, I’ve pretty much been outside Doing Things or inside taking care of the children or trying to squeeze in sufficient work time. ALSO, yesterday I got a Fitbit Zip, so I made a point of taking TWO walks, one really quite long and the other with a significant detour. I did manage to get in over 18,500 steps yesterday after the mail came at 10:30, so I’m really rather happy about that. Plus all this moving around outside stuff has meant I’ve gotten in a lot of audiobook time (if not much in the way of print-book time). Here’s what I finished this week:

This week I announced what is next for BOOK CLUB this summer, and also posted two book reviews:

And now I am off again because we are digging up weeds and ground cover in a nearly-barren patch of lawn in order to re-seed. Hopefully before the girls get back up.


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4 comments to Sunday Salon – Out and About

  • I’m very curious about Snapper. The cover is fantastic for one thing! Good luck with the dandelions. I recently read something about using vinegar as a weed killer…you might want to try it :)

    • From what I understand vinegar works very well, but it pretty much indiscriminately kills any plant with which it comes in contact. It can work well in beds where you can JUST hit the dandelion, but most of ours were in our yard, so using vinegar would have meant killing our grass, too, which the previous owners of our house didn’t really keep up with super well.

  • I have a Fitbit One and I love it. I find myself moving more. Good luck with the dandelions! They seem to be abundant this year!

  • Good luck in your war against dandelions! One of the nice things about moving across the country is that you end up in an apartment with no yard until you figure out where to settle in :)