Announcing: Booklicity

Today I would like to announce to you all a project I have been working on for a very long time:

What is Booklicity, you ask? Simple! It is targeted blog publicity for books and authors.

What does that mean? It means that I know that all book blogs and all book bloggers are different. A book that works for one blogger may not work for another. Likewise, one blogger’s audience may be a better fit for a book or an author than another blogger’s audience, even if that second blogger’s audience is larger. My job, as someone who has been part of the book blogging community since February of 2008, will be to help authors find a balance between audience size and audience suitability in determining what blogs are best with which to place their books. To help me in this endeavor, I have created an exclusive and extensive book blog database so that I can find the blogs that truly fit a book or author best.

As a blogger, I also know how to approach bloggers so that pitches are accepted. I know how to address other bloggers with respect, and I know how to check the book I am pitching against a blogger’s review policy to find out if it fits what they like to review and if it fits their availability. I also know about the sort of lead times that bloggers need, since most of us do not do this full time and many of us are inundated with books for review.

Authors, I do hope you will consider Booklicity for your online publicity needs.

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