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If you remember about a month ago, I listed the 10 books I received at BEA that I am most excited about. One of them, “Innocent Until Interrogated” by Gary L. Stuart is being released two weeks from today. To celebrate, University of Arizona Press is offering 5 copies to my readers, anywhere in the world. To enter, scroll to the bottom of this post and fill out the Google form.

Here’s a description of the book:

On a sweltering August morning, a woman walked into a Buddhist temple near Phoenix and discovered the most horrific crime in Arizona history. Nine Buddhist temple members–six of them monks committed to lives of non-violence–lay dead in a pool of blood, shot execution style. The massive manhunt that followed turned up no leads until a tip from a psychiatric patient led to the arrest of five suspects. Each initially denied their involvement in the crime, yet one by one, under intense interrogation, they confessed.

Soon after, all five men recanted, saying their confessions had been coerced. One was freed after providing an alibi, but the remaining suspects–dubbed “The Tucson Four” by the media–remained in custody even though no physical evidence linked them to the crime.

Seven weeks later, investigators discovered–almost by chance–physical evidence that implicated two entirely new suspects. The Tucson Four were finally freed on November 22 after two teenage boys confessed to the crime, yet troubling questions remained. Why were confessions forced out of innocent suspects? Why and how did legal authorities build a case without evidence? And, ultimately, how did so much go so wrong?

In this first book-length treatment of the Buddhist Temple Massacre, Gary L. Stuart explores the unspeakable crime, the inexplicable confessions, and the troubling behavior of police officials. Stuart’s impeccable research for the book included a review of the complete legal records of the case, an examination of all the physical evidence, a survey of three years of print and broadcast news, and more than fifty personal interviews related to the case. Like In Cold Blood, and The Executioner’s SongInnocent Until Interrogated is a riveting read that provides not only a striking account of the crime and the investigation but also a disturbing look at the American justice system at its very worst.

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