Readathon Challenge: Attempting Audiobooks

Hola, Readathoners! What is this, the beginning of hour 11? I’m sadly not with you all right now, although at least if I can’t be Readathoning I can be at a trade show with book people, so there is that.

Anyway, I thought that at this point, when you’re nearly at the midpoint of the Readathon you could use a break for your eyes, maybe get up, do some cleaning, take a walk, something like that. Oh, hmm, except then you wouldn’t be reading.

But wait! What if I told you that you could clean the house, cook a meal, or take a walk, and READ AT THE SAME TIME?!?!? This is all possible with a fabulous thing called…audiobooks!

Normally I would recommend to anyone new to audiobooks (not that I know whether you are or not, since you’re here and I’m not) that they start with audiobooks in a re-read, but you already have a stack of books you want to read, so let’s start there.

The Challenge:

1. Choose a few books from amongst your readation pile, then go to Put one of the titles into the search bar at the top right hand and click ‘go!’ If you didn’t get a result, then your book isn’t available in audio format in the United States or, less likely, it is but Audible doesn’t have it. Repeat the above process until you find a book Audible has.

2. Once you have found a book from your pile on Audible, click the little right-pointing triangle under the cover and next to the word ‘Sample.’ Make sure the sound is on on your computer!

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you’ve listened to the samples of 2-3 books.

4. Leave a comment here with the title, author, and narrator of the book you think will make the best audiobook of the ones you sampled. Please specify what it is about the book or the narrator that you think would make this a good one.

5. Consider listening to an audiobook either during this Readathon while you need a break, or in the future!

The Prize:

I will choose one winner, who will select an audiobook from amongst those I have available (open internationally):

A Secret Kept by Tatiana de Rosney, narrated by Simon Vance
C Street by Jeff Sharlet, narrated by Jeremy Guskin (will not be sent out until I have listened)
Demian by Hermann Hesse, narrated by Jeff Woodman
Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich, narrated by Lorelei King

This mini-challenge is now closed. The (randomly selected) winner is:

Bonny from The Chirping Wren

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Chicago Publishers: Spotlight on… Oasis Audio

This week I am continuing the spotlighting of Chicago-area publishers by talking about another new-to-me publisher, Oasis Audio. Come on, you all know I couldn’t possibly resist including an audiobook publisher, as obsessed as I am these days by the format!

Oasis is based out of the Western suburbs of Chicago and was founded in 1999. They originally began publishing self-help and inspirational titles but have since expanded to include Bibles, business, children’s, fiction, and non-fiction titles – both faith-based and general market – as well, a total of over 120 per year from more than 20 print publishers.

I spent some time emailing with Jordan, Oasis’ Web and Digital Coordinator to get an idea of what makes Oasis special. He told me that Oasis is dedicated to publishing only titles that they believe will enrich the lives of their customers in some way. Each title is extremely important to them and they try to put out only the highest quality product.

I encourage you to spend some time checking out Oasis Audio and their new releases. I am particularly looking forward to the two titles by Pearl S. Buck, author of “The Good Earth.”