For Fitness: Foot Pain

When I anticipated starting to write about fitness here occasionally, I mostly thought that I would write about running and training for an 8k or 10k, maybe about yoga, about my TRX. What I didn’t expect to write about right away was Plantar Fasciitis. Despite the fact that I rarely ran over the holidays, I’ve been having feel pain in my left foot over the same basic time frame. Earlier this week I finally did some reading up about it and determined it was definitely tissue pain, and not joint pain, meaning it was very likely my plantar fascia.

So now I’m off of running and any treadmill walking through the end of the month. I’ve set a recovery plan for myself for now since that pain hasn’t been happening for too long and isn’t too bad, if it doesn’t work I’ll explore a medical opinion. Instead of running, I’ll be doing the exercise bike (thank goodness I joined a gym last month when it got too snowy/icy/cold to run outside), as well as strength and stretching exercises, including machines at the gym, TRX, and yoga. I also went and bought myself a Feetures! Plantar Fasciitis compression sleeve that I am wearing all day (they say you can wear it at night too, but it keeps bugging me in the middle of the night, so I’m not sure if I’m going to keep trying or just take it off before bed) and over that I’ve been wearing shoes all day, even around the house.

I’m actually amazed at how much better my foot is feeling already. The night I finally decided to do something about it, I could feel a particular spot on my heel that hurt to touch, whereas now I really can’t any more. Obviously the rest can’t have fixed it yet, not in half a week, but I think the combination of the sleeve and wearing shoes (good, supportive Born flats) is doing amazing things. When the weather is nice and dry and I run outside first thing in the morning I tend to just keep my shoes on all day; since the ground has been covered with snow and ice and melted snow, whatever shoes I wear outside have to come off right away. I suspect that this is the reason that my heel started hurting at almost the exact same time I stopped running outside and thus starting hanging out around the house without shoes all day. At this rate I’m very hopeful about the beginning of February being okay to get back to running, and I’m also glad I set myself a minimum amount of time I needed to rest before starting the treatment, because if I hadn’t I suspect I might have tried to run next week and not actually rested as long as I should.

How do you get through injuries in your training regimen?

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