Hey again, and a new editing venture

Hello everyone! Look at me, I’m back!

I can’t promise how much I’ll be reviewing, although I’d like to talk informally about some of the older stuff I’ve been reading.

My son is now in 1st grade (!), so he’s off in school all day, and in a couple of week the girls will be going off to preschool 2-3 times/week. I left active agenting earlier this year because I felt that my family wasn’t getting enough of my time while the kids are still little (and at home, and thus likely either watching TV or getting into trouble while I worked). However, now that everyone is going to be in school at least part of the time, I am going to be jumping back in to a book industry position that can help writers (and where I can strictly control the incoming work flow). In short, I will be launching an editing service.

editing services

I will be editing queries and manuscripts, both partial and full, with an eye towards what an agent or editor sees when they look at your project. To clarify: using these services will have NO BEARING on getting you read, requested, or signed with anyone at Fuse Literary. However, they are designed to put writers in a better position to put their work in front of any agent or editor.

So! If you or a friend is working on a book or is thinking about querying, please consider using me to help you get your project as polished as possible before attempting publication. If you sign up for query editing by the end of September, you will be entered to win a free critique of your entire manuscript.

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