TSS: What to Read in October?

As I mentioned two weeks ago, I’m joining Michelle from My Books. My Life. in reading my own books in November. She’s actually  doing this for the whole rest of the year, starting tomorrow, but I’m joining just for November. (Incidentally, I’m not necessarily reading books I bought in November – at least not in print. Most of what I’ve bought over the last couple of years is ebook, so I’ll be reading ALL my own ebooks, and print will be a combination of things I bought myself and old review books and have, for all intents and purposes, joined the giant TBR pile.)  Yesterday I figured that I’d better see what I still want to get to for this year, because come December I’ll be reading ahead for 2013. So, um, I found 17 books in print.

This might not sound too crazy since I finished 20 books this month, but of those 20 only 8 were print, the rest were split evenly between audiobooks and ebooks. Plus, I’ve probably got an equal number of ebooks for review that I want to get to. So, I need your help before I finish my current print read, what should I read next? Vote below for as many books as you would like and I will – more or less, at least – pick my books this month by what has the most votes when I’m ready for something new.

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