Wolf Hall Section 1 Discussion

As I noted on Tuesday, I’m currently doing a readalong of “Wolf Hall” by Hilary Mantel with Erin Deedy from Peachtree Publishing. On Thursday we started talking about the first section (pages 3-38), although we sort of talked more about the general history and the book overall. We’ll be discussing Section 2 (pages 39-132) on Monday, April 19th.

Here’s what we talked about, feel free to add your own thoughts!

Devourerofbooks_normal DevourerofBooks I will be discussing section 1 of WOLF HALL by Hilary Mantel today with @EGDeedy and anyone who wants to join in. Just use hashtag #WHall

Train_normal EGDeedy @DevourerofBooks @mrstreme I’m really enjoying the book, but I get confused sometimes with the narrative. #WHall

Devourerofbooks_normal DevourerofBooks @EGDeedy @mrstreme #WHall Definitely a book you have to pay attention to

Devourerofbooks_normal DevourerofBooks @EGDeedy @mrstreme #WHall I wasn’t really expecting the first chapter where he got the crap beat out of him!

Train_normalEGDeedy @DevourerofBooks @mrstreme I wasn’t expecting that either. How much of the bk is based on fact and how much is totally made up? #WHall

Devourerofbooks_normal DevourerofBooks @EGDeedy @mrstreme Hmm, not sure, let me go and see if I can find an author’s note #WHall

Devourerofbooks_normal DevourerofBooks @EGDeedy @mrstreme Author’s note doesn’t say anything about it #WHall

Train_normalEGDeedy @DevourerofBooks @mrstreme Well the violence is an interesting theory then. He becomes a somewhat callus, detatched adult I think #WHall

Devourerofbooks_normal DevourerofBooks @EGDeedy @mrstreme Perhaps also why he is interested in a position of power, because it makes him ‘safe’? #WHall

Train_normalEGDeedy @DevourerofBooks @mrstreme Having a position of power also a big “See, I made it, even though you were a terrible father!” #WHall

Train_normalEGDeedy @DevourerofBooks @mrstreme I think having a need to feel safe is a valid point. Was anyone safe in Henry VIII court though? ha! #WHall

Train_normalEGDeedy Discussing section 1 of WOLF HALL by Hilary Mantel today with @DevourerofBooks and anyone who wants to join in. Just use hashtag #WHall

Devourerofbooks_normal DevourerofBooks @EGDeedy @mrstreme #WHall, Looking ahead to what we haven’t read yet, not at all. Goes from making him feel safe to putting him in danger.

Train_normalEGDeedy @DevourerofBooks Well, I know from history that he eventually loses his head. #WHall

Devourerofbooks_normal DevourerofBooks @EGDeedy #WHall Yes, although I don’t think Mantel gets that far in WOLF HALL, heard she’s planning on a sequel.

Train_normalEGDeedy @DevourerofBooks @mrstreme It is itneresting reading a bk that humanizes him, since he’s historically painted as a villain. #WHall

Train_normalEGDeedy @DevourerofBooks @mrstreme How exactly did he meet Wolsey? #WHall

Devourerofbooks_normal DevourerofBooks @EGDeedy @mrstreme I’ve got to say, I have no idea #WHall

Train_normal EGDeedy @DevourerofBooks @mrstreme I would like to know more. I feel like the story jumps ahead and misses a lot between sections #WHall

Train_normal EGDeedy @DevourerofBooks @bookaliciouspam is going to join in the #WHall action!

bookaliciouspam @DevourerofBooks @EGDeedy by historical accounts he met Wosely while working for another employer. Can’t remember more.#WHall

Train_normal EGDeedy @bookaliciouspam I’ll have to look that up then! #WHall

bookaliciouspam @EGDeedy @DevourerofBooks #WHall http://englishhistory.net/tudor/citizens/cromwell.html

Jill_normal mrstreme @DevourerofBooks @EGDeedy Catching up on #WHall conversation. Liked Thomas – witty, smart, manipulative. Too bad his head gets boiled later.

Train_normalEGDeedy @mrstreme I can’t decide if I hate him or not. #WHall

Jill_normal mrstreme @DevourerofBooks @EGDeedy Looks like Cromwell knew Wolsey from previous employer. May not been mentioned in #WHall. http://ow.ly/1z1Yn

Train_normalEGDeedy @mrstreme That is what @bookaliciouspam was saying. I’m going to look it up when I get home! #WHall

Jill_normal mrstreme @EGDeedy I liked him because I respected his intelligence. Henry VIII, not so much. #WHall

Jill_normal mrstreme We are discussing #WolfHall if any one wants to join us. Use #WHall hashtag. #books #opf2010 #fiction #reading

Train_normalEGDeedy @mrstreme Henry just becomes such a raving lunatic later in his reign! Not that he was that great to begin with #WHall

Devourerofbooks_normal DevourerofBooks @EGDeedy @mrstreme I like the theory he contract syphilis from a paramour – explains crazy, sore on leg, kids who don’t survive #WHall

Jill_normal mrstreme @EGDeedy @DevourerofBooks My view of the Tudors was skewed after reading Philippa Gregory. e.g. Different depiction of Mary Boleyn. #WHall

Jill_normal mrstreme @EGDeedy @DevourerofBooks Were you confused with use of “he” in dialogues in Wolf Hall? Confusing for me, not knowing who’s talking #WHall

Devourerofbooks_normal DevourerofBooks @mrstreme The ‘he’ stuff was a little confusing, but not too bad yet, plus I was expecting it #WHall @EGDeedy

Train_normalEGDeedy @DevourerofBooks @mrstreme The ‘he’ was confusing to me too since sometimes the auth says Tom or Thomas. Had to pay close attention #WHall

Jill_normal mrstreme @EGDeedy @DevourerofBooks Yes, the he and so many Toms = some confusion! =) #WHall

Train_normalEGDeedy @DevourerofBooks @mrstreme My problem is that I read at night before bed when I’m kind of sleepy… I have to read #WHall earlier in the day

evourerofBooks @EGDeedy @mrstreme #WHall Definitely a book you have to pay attention to
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