The Marriage Bureau For Rich People – Book Review

The Marriage Bureau For Rich PeopleThe Marriage Bureau For Rich People by Farahad Zama

Although Mr. Ali has been retired for some time, he has decided to start his own business to fill his free time.  A marriage bureau seems just the thing in India, where many marriages are still arranged.   His business is so successful that his wife hires him an assistant, Aruna.  Although Aruna’s family are Brahmins, they have fallen on hard financial times.  Her father doesn’t have the money even to provide her with a dowry or pay for a wedding.

“The Marriage Bureau For Rich People” provides a great sense of place.  I absorbed so much about Southern Indian customs while reading this book.  Oh, and I craved Indian food all day while reading it.

There was something about the style of the writing that was throwing me off at the beginning of the book, but I became involved enough in the story that I stopped noticing it.  I will also say that most of the characters were pretty superficial, although Aruna was fairly well fleshed-out and a great character.  Really, though, I liked it a lot despite the flaws.

The best book I’ve read all year?  No.  However, it was a very fun and enjoyable read.  I liked it.

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