The Heretic Queen – Book Review

The Heretic Queen by Michelle Moran

Nefertari is the orphaned neice of Queen Nefertiti.  Once adored, Nefertiti is now reviled as a heretic who banished the traditional gods of Egypt.  Unfortunately for Nefertari, the transgressions of Nefertiti have become a stain on her reputation as well. As the member of a despised family, Nefertiti is considered by many to be unworthy of wedding Ramesses II and certainly unworthy of being his chief wife.

Nefertari is an extremely likable, well-developed character. She seemed complex enough to be real and good and strong enough to be a character I wanted to root for. Not to mention that the story itself was extremely engaging.  As with “Janeology”, I read “The Heretic Queen” in less than a day and nearly forgot I was even reading.

Moran really made ancient Egypt come alive to me, and I cannot wait to read some of her other work.

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