Tudor Tuesday – Wolf Hall Section 3

More in our ongoing Twitter discussion of Wolf Hall (#WHall) for those of you who are interested. Discussion of Section 3 didn’t get too lively, but Erin has an adorable new puppy and I’m uni-tasking this week, so I don’t think either of us had a lot of Twitter time in the middle of the day. In case you missed it, we have revised our discussion schedule and will be discussing a new section every Monday for the next 3 weeks until we finish the book (just before BEA)

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Tudor Tuesday – Wolf Hall Section 2 Discussion

Okay, to the best of my knowledge Tudor Tuesday isn’t a real thing. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if it became one, really. No, all I really want is to share with you is the ongoing discussion we’re having about Wolf Hall. Yesterday we discussed Section 2. There’s still time to catch up if you want to get in on the action. We will be discussing Section 3 on Thursday, April 22 and Section 4 on Monday, April 26th. Sections 5 and 6 will be the following Monday and Thursday. Because I am writing this when it is late and I am tired, I am not going to copy everything we discussed down for you. Instead, I give you the entirety of our Wolf Hall discussion to date, with the most recent comments on the top. Please scroll and read as you wish:

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Wolf Hall Section 1 Discussion

As I noted on Tuesday, I’m currently doing a readalong of “Wolf Hall” by Hilary Mantel with Erin Deedy from Peachtree Publishing. On Thursday we started talking about the first section (pages 3-38), although we sort of talked more about the general history and the book overall. We’ll be discussing Section 2 (pages 39-132) on Monday, April 19th.

Here’s what we talked about, feel free to add your own thoughts!

Devourerofbooks_normal DevourerofBooks I will be discussing section 1 of WOLF HALL by Hilary Mantel today with @EGDeedy and anyone who wants to join in. Just use hashtag #WHall

Train_normal EGDeedy @DevourerofBooks @mrstreme I’m really enjoying the book, but I get confused sometimes with the narrative. #WHall

Devourerofbooks_normal DevourerofBooks @EGDeedy @mrstreme #WHall Definitely a book you have to pay attention to

Devourerofbooks_normal DevourerofBooks @EGDeedy @mrstreme #WHall I wasn’t really expecting the first chapter where he got the crap beat out of him!

Train_normalEGDeedy @DevourerofBooks @mrstreme I wasn’t expecting that either. How much of the bk is based on fact and how much is totally made up? #WHall

Devourerofbooks_normal DevourerofBooks @EGDeedy @mrstreme Hmm, not sure, let me go and see if I can find an author’s note #WHall

Devourerofbooks_normal DevourerofBooks @EGDeedy @mrstreme Author’s note doesn’t say anything about it #WHall

Train_normalEGDeedy @DevourerofBooks @mrstreme Well the violence is an interesting theory then. He becomes a somewhat callus, detatched adult I think #WHall

Devourerofbooks_normal DevourerofBooks @EGDeedy @mrstreme Perhaps also why he is interested in a position of power, because it makes him ‘safe’? #WHall

Train_normalEGDeedy @DevourerofBooks @mrstreme Having a position of power also a big “See, I made it, even though you were a terrible father!” #WHall

Train_normalEGDeedy @DevourerofBooks @mrstreme I think having a need to feel safe is a valid point. Was anyone safe in Henry VIII court though? ha! #WHall

Train_normalEGDeedy Discussing section 1 of WOLF HALL by Hilary Mantel today with @DevourerofBooks and anyone who wants to join in. Just use hashtag #WHall

Devourerofbooks_normal DevourerofBooks @EGDeedy @mrstreme #WHall, Looking ahead to what we haven’t read yet, not at all. Goes from making him feel safe to putting him in danger.

Train_normalEGDeedy @DevourerofBooks Well, I know from history that he eventually loses his head. #WHall

Devourerofbooks_normal DevourerofBooks @EGDeedy #WHall Yes, although I don’t think Mantel gets that far in WOLF HALL, heard she’s planning on a sequel.

Train_normalEGDeedy @DevourerofBooks @mrstreme It is itneresting reading a bk that humanizes him, since he’s historically painted as a villain. #WHall

Train_normalEGDeedy @DevourerofBooks @mrstreme How exactly did he meet Wolsey? #WHall

Devourerofbooks_normal DevourerofBooks @EGDeedy @mrstreme I’ve got to say, I have no idea #WHall

Train_normal EGDeedy @DevourerofBooks @mrstreme I would like to know more. I feel like the story jumps ahead and misses a lot between sections #WHall

Train_normal EGDeedy @DevourerofBooks @bookaliciouspam is going to join in the #WHall action!

bookaliciouspam @DevourerofBooks @EGDeedy by historical accounts he met Wosely while working for another employer. Can’t remember more.#WHall

Train_normal EGDeedy @bookaliciouspam I’ll have to look that up then! #WHall

bookaliciouspam @EGDeedy @DevourerofBooks #WHall http://englishhistory.net/tudor/citizens/cromwell.html

Jill_normal mrstreme @DevourerofBooks @EGDeedy Catching up on #WHall conversation. Liked Thomas – witty, smart, manipulative. Too bad his head gets boiled later.

Train_normalEGDeedy @mrstreme I can’t decide if I hate him or not. #WHall

Jill_normal mrstreme @DevourerofBooks @EGDeedy Looks like Cromwell knew Wolsey from previous employer. May not been mentioned in #WHall. http://ow.ly/1z1Yn

Train_normalEGDeedy @mrstreme That is what @bookaliciouspam was saying. I’m going to look it up when I get home! #WHall

Jill_normal mrstreme @EGDeedy I liked him because I respected his intelligence. Henry VIII, not so much. #WHall

Jill_normal mrstreme We are discussing #WolfHall if any one wants to join us. Use #WHall hashtag. #books #opf2010 #fiction #reading

Train_normalEGDeedy @mrstreme Henry just becomes such a raving lunatic later in his reign! Not that he was that great to begin with #WHall

Devourerofbooks_normal DevourerofBooks @EGDeedy @mrstreme I like the theory he contract syphilis from a paramour – explains crazy, sore on leg, kids who don’t survive #WHall

Jill_normal mrstreme @EGDeedy @DevourerofBooks My view of the Tudors was skewed after reading Philippa Gregory. e.g. Different depiction of Mary Boleyn. #WHall

Jill_normal mrstreme @EGDeedy @DevourerofBooks Were you confused with use of “he” in dialogues in Wolf Hall? Confusing for me, not knowing who’s talking #WHall

Devourerofbooks_normal DevourerofBooks @mrstreme The ‘he’ stuff was a little confusing, but not too bad yet, plus I was expecting it #WHall @EGDeedy

Train_normalEGDeedy @DevourerofBooks @mrstreme The ‘he’ was confusing to me too since sometimes the auth says Tom or Thomas. Had to pay close attention #WHall

Jill_normal mrstreme @EGDeedy @DevourerofBooks Yes, the he and so many Toms = some confusion! =) #WHall

Train_normalEGDeedy @DevourerofBooks @mrstreme My problem is that I read at night before bed when I’m kind of sleepy… I have to read #WHall earlier in the day

evourerofBooks @EGDeedy @mrstreme #WHall Definitely a book you have to pay attention to
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