Chief Wiggum’s Guide to Crime and Punishment by Matt Groening – Book Review

Chief Wiggum’s Guide to Crime and Punishment by Matt Groening
Published by It Books, an imprint of Harper Collins

We are big fans of The Simpsons in our house, my husband in particular. Occasionally when he is together with his brother or friends the The Simpsons references will start and, well, if that happens sometimes it seems like they will never end. I typically find these boys very difficult to buy presents for. Or at least I did, until discovering “Chief Wiggum’s Book of Crime and Punishment” and the other books in the The Simpsons Library of Wisdom.

“Chief Wiggum’s Book of Crime and Punishment” combines both references directly from the show and new sections and tidbits consistent with the The Simpsons universe in general and the character of Chief Clancy Wiggum in particular. This is very much in the format of a mini-coffee table book or bathroom reader. No segment lasts more than a few pages and the topics span from a short period serial with the Simpsons as a crime family to a diagram of “What’s On Wiggum’s Mind?” to a list of “The SPD’s Little Known Police Codes.”

Although this is not something I would personally reread, I found it very entertaining and amusing and a great palate cleanser after a fabulous and serious book. I definitely know a lot of guys who would love this, though, and probably leave it in their bathroom to read again and again.

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