How to Write an Audiobook Review – Audiobook Week Discussion

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If you read my announcement post for Audiobook Week, you will know that a lot of the genesis of the idea came from the fact that I am not great at writing reviews of the audiobooks I listen to. Part of that is that, historically, most of my audiobooks have come from the library and my review record with library and TBR books isn’t always the best, because nobody is waiting for them. However, I think I have also not been entirely sure how to write an audiobook review.¬† Should I even tell people it was an audiobook? If so, should they know right away, or not until nearer the end? How would I differentiate between problems with the work of the author and problems with the work of the narrator?

Since I’m trying to be more purposeful about actually reviewing my audiobooks – no matter what source they come from – I’m trying to really get all of these questions figured out. My current¬† solution has been on show today and yesterday with my Audiobook Week reviews of “Leaving the Saints” and “So Cold The River.”

I’m not generally one to break my reviews into ‘summary,’ ‘opinion,’ ‘final thoughts,’ I like those things to sort of flow together a little bit. However, with the difficulty of trying to explain my opinions about both the content and execution of the book and the execution of the audio production, I have decided to break my audiobook reviews into four sections: synopsis; thoughts on the story; thoughts on the audio production; and overall.

I would love to get your feedback on how you think this new review style works for audiobooks!