Tale of Two Cities Readalong: The Marrying of Many Projects

As you may know, Nicole and I have about a million projects going on together. We have finally come up with one thing that incorporates all of the big ones: a “A Tale of Two Cities” readalong.

Before you ask, we did NOT get the idea from Oprah. We have been talking for about six months or so about reading Dickens as it would have been read at publication: in installments. So, when we decided to participate in the list swap challenge together, it didn’t take us long to choose “A Tale of Two Cities” as the book we wanted to read together.

“A Tale of Two Cities” is actually a very appropriate choice for Nicole and I, because we are both devoting a fairly significant portion of our reading time right now reading classics and the works they have inspired for our podcast, What’s Old is New. In this case, what is old is still sort of old, since we are reading the original way, but we will still be discussing each installment on the Tumblr as we go. Installments begin on Saturdays, and there will be a discussion post up by Monday or Tuesday for others to join in as they read along.

Then, as a culminating discussion for everyone who reads “A Tale of Two Cities” in the first part of this year, whether they read in installments with us or not, we will be discussing the book on Nicole’s blog as our August edition of BOOK CLUB.

We hope you will consider joining us. If you would like to see the complete schedule at the What’s Old is New Tumblr. Actually, if you think that you might ever want to read “A Tale of Two Cities” in installments, I suggest you check out the post, because it was much more difficult than we would have thought to get a schedule of which chapters belong together, and we are happy to have made it easier for others to figure out.