TSS: Unitasking Failure

Last week I talked about the fact that I wanted to try an experiment in unitasking. I was doing really well on Monday until about 3:30, when I got tired and no longer really felt like being too productive. Since then, I really haven’t been doing well at all. Part of the issue has been sleep, I didn’t sleep well last Saturday or Sunday night, and since then we’ve been teaching Daniel to put himself to sleep, which hasn’t yet resulted in great sleep for us, although he’s starting to get pretty good.

With Daniel’s sleep issues, I didn’t get a whole lot read this week. Here’s what I finished in print:

And one audio:

I also read half of section three of “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” for the Classic Reads Book Club discussion and part four of “Wolf Hall” for my #WHall Twitter discussion.

I read “The Devil’s Highway” because Luis Alberto Urrea is going to be at an event at my favorite indie bookstore, The Bookstore in Glen Ellyn this coming week. He’ll be there for Cinqo de Mayo to celebrate his new work “Mr. Mendoza’s Paintbrush.” There will be books and margaritas – what could be better???

Here is what I reviewed last week (covers link to posts):

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TSS: One Thing at a Time

Good morning, friends!

I have been feeling a lot of frustration lately with what feels like an inability to get things done. Twitter is certainly a contributing factor when it sucks me into things, but I think there’s more than that, I can’t get things done even when I do ignore Twitter. For instance, I’ll try to write a post and then click over to my email and get caught up in that for awhile, or to LibraryThing and read through a couple of discussions, then I’ll realize that I’m *way* behind on my Google Reader, so I’ll click over there and read a few posts, back to my email…next thing I know 2 hours have passed and I’ve read email but not answered any, I still haven’t made any significant progress in my Google Reader, and my post is only half written. Substitute writing a post for cleaning the kitchen and putting away other random things for those other tasks and you see my lack of productivity offline as well.

This. Is. Not. Working.

I was talking about my frustrations with Nicole this week (surprisingly, not on Twitter), and she agreed to try a uni-tasking experiment with me this week. We are going to do our best to work on doing One Thing At A Time. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to listen to audiobooks while I clean and I may leave uninteresting TV on sometimes as background noise, but if I am writing a post, I am going to write a post. If I am working on email, I’m going to work on email. If I’m picking up the house, I’m going to pick up the house. This may mean that you see me on Twitter less often, but hopefully it will give me more quality time to devote to everything, so maybe I’ll finally actually make it around to your blogs!

Starting tomorrow morning, I’m going to limit the number of browser windows I have open to 3. ┬áIf I need to open another window for what I’m doing, something else (email, Twitter) will have to be closed entirely. My other tools this week will be Todoist.com, where I’ll be keeping my to-do list and the chronograph/countdown timer app I put on my Blackberry. Wish me luck! I’ll try to update you on my progress next Sunday.

In slightly more reading related news, I finished 6 books this week.

Before you get too excited, though, just three were actually novels:

I also finished two audiobooks:

And one 100 page workbook on sleep (and I didn’t read the parts that didn’t pertain to Daniel), because we’ll be trying some new stuff in that arena too.

Did you read anything good this week?

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