The One In Which I Pester You About The Book Blogs Search Engine Again

It is that time of year! BBAW is drawing to a close and I am obligated (by the promise of cupcakes and unicorn rides) to mention to you the Book Blogs Search Engine, created by the fabulous Fyrefly.

So here’s the deal, Fyrefly created a custom Google search engine that only searches book blogs: aka, the Book Blogs Search Engine. It is a great resource and there are over 1200 blogs in it already (if you like to add links to other reviews to your reviews, this is a good way to find them). However, if you are newer to book blogging, you may not be in here, and that makes the rest of us sad, because we want to be able to find your thoughts too.

But even if you aren’t in it now, you can be in it very, very soon!

All you have to do is go to Fyrefly’s post explaining the whole thing and check the table to see if your blog is listed. If you aren’t there, just leave a comment for Fyrefly and let her know your url and that you would like to be added – easy peasey!

If you do add yourself and your blog allows javascript (aka, you aren’t a blog), please consider adding the Book Blogs Search Engine to your blog for other people to use as well (yes, that is it there at the bottom of my left sidebar).

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