Harry Potter Film Wizardry – Book Review

Harry Potter Film Wizardry by Brian Sibley
Published by Collins Design, an imprint of Harper Collins

Okay, this is a seriously awesome book. Just go ahead and order it for the fan of the Harry Potter movies on your holiday gift list. If they love the movies, they’ll love this, 99.9% guaranteed.

…Okay, now that you’re back, let me tell you a bit about what you just bought for your favorite Harry Potter fan.

As someone who has multiple times read the Harry Potter series and seen all of the movies, I was amazed at how much new stuff I learned from “Harry Potter Film Wizardry.” Absolutely fascinating details about props, casting, and how the movies brought J.K. Rowling’s fascinating books to life.

Even better, the book is filled with replicas of some of the props from the movies. There is, for example, an envelope that folds out of one of the early pages, in which can be found Harry’s Hogwarts acceptance letter. Other such pieces of realia include the Marauder’ s Map, a program from the 422nd Quidditch World Cup, and the Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes product catalog. From characters, to sets, to major events, I cannot think of a single thing from the movies that I found missing in “Harry Potter’s Film Wizardry.”

Very highly recommended for wizard-loving muggles.

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