BOOK CLUB 2011 Schedule and February Title Giveaway

Last month, Nicole and I announced BOOK CLUB. We will be discussing our first book, “A Thousand Rooms of Dream and Fear” by Atiq Rahimi from Other Press on January 25th on Nicole’s blog. It is on sale tomorrow, so feel free to join us if you get your hands on a copy between then and now.

Nicole and I have decided to release our entire schedule for the first half of 2011 so you can see what is coming, in case you have the chance to get your hands on any of these books somewhere else.

February:The Last Brother” by Nathacha Appanah from Graywolf Press – being given away today, and discussed here on Devourer of Books on February 22nd.

March: Picking Bones from Ash” by Marie Mockett from Graywolf Press – being given away the week of February 7th, and discussed March 22nd on Nicole’s Blog, Linus’s Blanket.

April:Galore” by Michael Crummey from Other Press – being given away the week of March 7th and discussed April 26th here on Devourer of Books.

May:The Convert” by Deborah Baker from Graywolf Press – being given away the week of April 12th, then discussed here at Devourer of Books on May 16th (note: we are discussing this early due to BEA).

August: “Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens – being discussed August 23rd. We are not giving away copies of this, but half of you probably have it on your shelves somewhere anyway, and if you have ereaders you can get it free or very cheap. If you want to participate in our readalong in installments, which started this week, check out the schedule over at What’s Old is New.

Our schedule for the second half of the year is still to be determined.

Today Nicole and I are both giving away five copies of “The Last Brother” by Nathacha Appahan, courtesy of Graywolf Press for people who would like to participate in our discussion on my blog on February 22nd.

Here’s the publisher’s description:

As 1944 comes to a close, nine-year-old Raj is unaware of the war devastating the rest of the world. He lives in Mauritius, a remote island in the Indian Ocean, where survival is a daily struggle for his family. When a brutal beating lands Raj in the hospital of the prison camp where his father is a guard, he meets a mysterious boy his own age. David is a refugee, one of a group of Jewish exiles whose harrowing journey took them from Nazioccupied Europe to Palestine, where they were refused entry and sent on to indefinite detainment in Mauritius.

A massive storm on the island leads to a breach of security at the camp, and David escapes, with Raj’s help. After a few days spent hiding from Raj’s cruel father, the two young boys flee into the forest. Danger, hunger, and malaria turn what at first seems like an adventure to Raj into an increasingly desperate mission.

This unforgettable and deeply moving novel sheds light on a fascinating and unexplored corner of World War II history, and establishes Nathacha Appanah as a significant international voice.

If you would like to be considered as a participant for February, please fill out the form below by 11:59pm Central time today, Tuesday, January 11. Your mailing address will be discarded if you aren’t selected to participate or passed onto the publisher if you are.  I do not share or retain any personal information.


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Announcing: BOOK CLUB with Devourer of Books and Linus’s Blanket

It seems funny, but a little over a year ago, Nicole from Linus’s Blanket and I didn’t really ‘know’ one another. Then we worked together on a project for Buy Books for the Holidays, and we found that we worked very well together. As we began to explore one anothers’ blogs, we also learned that we had very similar tastes in books as well. Between those two things, a blogging friendship was born.

Since then, I helped out with That’s How I Blog, then we hung out together at BEA, started a podcast together, and spent countless hours together on google chat. And now, we are working together on a new project, one which you can become directly involved in:


BOOK CLUB is an opportunity for people to get together to discuss great books from small presses. We both know that there are some fabulous books coming out all the time from small presses and we wanted to make a point to read more this year, and help raise awareness of these books and publishers in the realm of book blogging and beyond. During the first part of 2011, we will be working with Other Press and Graywolf Press to bring you some fabulous books.

We will be discussing a book on either my blog or Nicole’s on the fourth Tuesday of every month. During the second week of the month, both Nicole and I will give away 5 copies of the BOOK CLUB discussion book for the following month. For example, today we are each giving away five copies of “A Thousand Rooms of Dream and Fear,” which we will be discussing on Tuesday, January 25th at Linus’s Blanket. Whether you receive the book from one of us or pick it up yourself, we would love to have you join in the conversation.

Because Other Press will be providing the books for us to discuss, I ask that everyone requesting this book have either a blog where they plan to review it, a Twitter account where they discuss books, of that they post a review on either a bookish social media site (LibraryThing, GoodReads, etc.) or an online bookselling site (Powells, Indiebound, Amazon, etc). I also ask that you commit to reading the book and joining the discussion. We are limited in our shipping to US-only.

If you are interested, please fill out the Google form below. The first five people who do so and meet the above qualifications will receive a copy of the book from Other Press.

This giveaway is now closed. Please check back in the second week of January for our next BOOK CLUB selection

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