Daniel’s First Blizzard

We had a pretty good blizzard here Tuesday and Wednesday of this past week. It included either the 2nd or 3rd highest snowfall for a storm in recorded Chicago history. Once everything was done on Wednesday (and before the bitterly cold temperatures Wednesday night and Thursday), we took Daniel outside to play in snow that was almost as tall as he was (and drifts taller than his daddy).

And one shot of the library:

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TSS: Literary Cute Attack

Even better than reading recently has been seeing how much Daniel, my 18 month old, is learning to love books. He loves being read to – won’t go to sleep without a book and someone singing him the ABCs, actually – and likes to flip through his books and look at the pictures and tell himself the story. He has also, lately, been grabbing my books away from me. He says “mine” and then spends a pretty good amount of time leafing through them as if he is actually reading them. I caught a really cute picture of him at the library that just made me ridiculously happy:

He climbed up there with the book all by himself.


Here’s what I read over the past week:

And then what I reviewed, covers link to posts:

TSS: Let it Snow

We’re in the middle of a winter storm until midnight tonight, although we’re only supposed to get 3-5 inches over all that time. Still, though, I think this is going to be sort of a quiet day at home. At the moment, Daniel and I are watching Elmo, hopefully that won’t be true the whole day long. He does like Elmo a whole lot, though:

I think that I’ll probably make my famous fudge (which is mostly just the same as the back of the marshmallow fluff jar, with a few alterations) for my work cookie exchange while Daniel is napping today, because this fudge takes a few days to set. We’re also going to go and make Christmas cookies with my mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law after Daniel’s nap. I’m sure that, on the way, we will play in the snow as well, because Daniel has been having a lot of fun with that this week.

Although I had lots of fun taking videos of Daniel this week, I didn’t get much reading done. In fact, I only finished two books, both of which I also reviewed already (covers link to post):

In addition to those two, I also posted the list for my List Exchange Challenge with Nicole, and reviewed these books:

Hopefully I’ll get a little more read this week

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TSS: Daniel’s Big Week

Daniel had a lot of first this week, not just his first Easter.

First, his first time playing outside:
He was initially really unsure about playing in the grass for the first time

Shortly after this, though, he started zooming around like a crazy little crawler. He also found a big stick to play with.

Then, his first Easter egg hunt:

Next, his first haircut:

Happy Easter!

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