Bloggiesta, Ole!

This weekend is the 4th session of Bloggiesta!

Basically, it is a weekend-long challenge to work on whatever needs to be worked on on your blog, hosted by Natasha at Maw Books.

I have a big list of stuff I want to do. Not much will get done today until after Daniel goes to bed, because I have a lot of paying work to do, but I’m hoping that someone else is taking Daniel to the children’s museum tomorrow so I can have a nice day of Bloggiesta-ing and eating chips and salsa.

Here’s my task list, I’ll try to cross things off as I finish them:

  • Write at least one D.E.A.R. post
  • Write a review
  • Write a review
  • Write a review
  • Write a review
  • Apply to the National Book Critics Circle
  • Create some posts for What’s Old is New
  • Update my review tracking sheet
  • Email publishers whose books were mentioned in the last What’s Old is New podcast
  • Email the next author for What’s Old is New to set up a recording date
  • Work on a guest blog for the Heroine Love extravaganza
  • Create a new header image
  • Fix 15 pages of tags and categories
  • Email publisher about a potential What’s Old is New show
  • Write Saturday Story Spotlight post
  • Write Saturday Story Spotlight post
  • Write Saturday Story Spotlight post
  • Secret project task1
  • Secret project task 2
  • Clean out Twitter followers
  • AudioFile review
  • Add spreadsheet page for pitches
  • Add (and add to) spreadsheet page for ebooks
  • Physical book organization
  • What’s Old is New podcast

I actually have about 10 reviews to write, so hopefully I can get ALL of them done, in addition to this other stuff. I also plan to explore some of the mini-challenges, in hopes of improving my own procedures. In particular I want to check out:

By the way, in case you need it, I’m hosting a mini-challenge on Google Forms.

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Bloggiesta, Take 3!

Woo! It is June, and you know what that means: Bloggiesta!

In case you don’t know what Bloggiesta is all about, it is basically a blogging marathon organized by Natasha at Maw Books Blog.

I have a LOT to get done around here in preparation for Audiobook Week, so this is good timing for me!

Other than some email I need to respond to, the main things I am planning are to write as many posts as possible for the next two weeks and finish up some Audiobook Week planning (which I’ll HAVE to do if I’m going to write posts for it!). When I need a break from writing I’ll be working on my overhaul of my categories and tags.

I do have some design elements I want to improve upon, but I think I need to finish my Audiobook Week stuff before I can even think about that, since we also have some big family stuff coming up soon (my parents are coming out for the summer, Daniel’s first birthday).

I may also check in on the mini challenges this time around, but they are not going to be my priority.

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