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Welcome to BBAW 2010!

Today we were asked to write about bloggers we have discovered in the past year since BBAW 2009. Actually, I believe we were asked to write about a blogger we have discovered, but I haven’t always been the best at following directions. To just pick on fantastic blogger is too hard. Actually, to just pick five fantastic bloggers would be very difficult, so I’m going to highlight to you the new-to-me this year bloggers who became my best bloggy buddies in 2010.

In no particular order:

Michelle – My Books. My Life
Oddly enough, Michelle and I originally bonded over the fact that in February I read 3 books set in Ann Arbor, Michigan back to back. I mentioned it on Twitter and she, former Ann Arborian (is that a word? I somehow doubt it) Ann Arborish (since she usually lived around, not in the city) that she is, was intrigued. Thus began a beautiful friendship, only cemented by our commiserating over our back pain around the same time.

Sandy – You’ve Gotta Read This
Sandy and I bonded through the pain and endurance of being on a team together for the Game On Diet. She is now one of my go-to people for audiobook recommendations (and she’s about to win best audiobook blog, check her out!)

Michelle – That’s What She Read
Um, I honestly can’t remember what Michelle and I bonded over (help me out, Michelle?). I guess we just chatted on Twitter and sort of clicked. You should all be glad for the direct message function on Twitter, because we like to use one another as sounding boards when we’re frustrated and, really, you don’t want to read all of that.

Allie – Hist Fic Chick
I had corresponded a little with Allie towards the beginning of 2010, but our friendship really took off at BEA, when we went out to dinner together twice. The second night I’m pretty sure we drove Lenore and Natasha crazy with our incessant historical fiction chatter.

Please check out my wonderful bloggy buddies!

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