Virtual Book Club Author Talk – Kristina Riggle, Author of The Life You’ve Imagined

If you missed it, yesterday was our virtual book club for “The Life You’ve Imagined” by Kristina Riggle. Please feel free to go back and add any thoughts you might have if you weren’t able to discuss yesterday. Today we’re actually getting the opportunity to ask Kristina Riggle some questions about the book. I’m going to start with some based on yesterday’s discussion, but please feel free to add more in the comments, or respond to her responses, and Kristina will pop in as she’s able to shed some more light on things for us.

  1. What made you give Cami a gambling addiction? I just haven’t been able to get over how different that was from anything else I’ve read recently. It seems like everyone in the book club agrees that it worked very well in “The Life You’ve Imagined,” but other people were surprised to read it as well.
  2. As a follow up, Cami’s future seemed to be to be the most ambivalent of all of the women, and another reader mentioned that she was really concerned for Cami not seeming to have a plan in place to deal with her addiction. What was the reason you chose to leave her like that and not wrap up her story more?
  3. And ONE more about Cami: did you have to do a lot of research about gambling and gambling addiction to write her story?
  4. A question from Bookfan: “Would you consider writing Maeve’s story – from where it leaves off at the end of TLYI? I’d love to see where you’d take her!”
  5. There was some debate over whether people wanted – at any point – for Amy to break things off with her fiance. Did you ever secretly want her to, or think about taking the story in that direction?
  6. A question from Shonda: “What was the significance with trailers? Sally lived in one and it burned. Maeve met Robert in one on the land he wanted to buy. While reading, I thought this is important, but I couldn’t figure out why.”
  7. The men of Haven, everyone seems to want to know about them, and many people seem to think there really aren’t any good ones. Thoughts?

If anyone else has any questions, ask away!