All I Can Handle, I’m No Mother Theresa by Kim Stagliano – Book Review

All I Can Handle, I’m No Mother Theresa: A Life Raising Three Daughters with Autism by Kim Stagliano
Published by Skyhorse Publishing

If you can’t tell from the title of the book, Kim Stagliano is in the unique and unenviable far more common than I realized and unenviable, to many, position of having three daughters who have autism, a condition which more typically affects boys. This, combined with her husband’s incredibly bad luck with employment – he had a tendency for many years to take employment with companies who would not have a need for him after a short amount of time – has made life in the Stagliano household a bit chaotic. Kim has a very pragmatic attitude towards her life, however. She makes the point that autism (and unemployment, for that matter) don’t take time off, so neither can she, really as a mother you just do what you have to do.

“All I Can Handle, I’m No Mother Theresa” could have easily been one giant downer between the challenges of raising three daughters with pretty severe autism (one daughter gets lost twice in a single family trip, panicking Kim both times) and having multiple job losses and financial crises. However, enough of Stagliano’s wit and humor shines through, keeping the book, well, perhaps not light, but at least not depressing.

Anyone interested in autism or the lives of families living with autism would do well to pick up “All I Can Handle, I’m No Mother Theresa.” You may not agree with everything Stagliano says and believes (there is a LOT of controversy around autism issues), but you will absolutely learn a lot.

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