Sunday Salon – 4/21/13

When a story about someone trying to send ricin to the president and a senator gets largely overlooked, you know it is a crazy, crappy week. None of the news drama effected me directly, but I did find myself staying up far too late too many nights glued to Twitter for the next report. I saw lots of complaints about the cable news networks, particularly CNN, but all my attention was on what was being tweeted and retweeted by those in the print media, particularly the Boston Globe. We also had some fun torrential rains here last week, particularly Wednesday night, and when I checked my basement Thursday morning I had nice, damp carpet and a non-functional sump pump. My husband was traveling, but luckily my inlaws live nearby and my father-in-law came over and took care of it. Not quite sure what I would have done…

Despite all that, I did actually get some reading done. I think I was trying to dive into fiction to escape some of the madness of reality.

This week I posted a giveaway for Nathaniel Philbrick’s new Bunker Hill and a guest post with Amity & Sorrow author Peggy Riley, as well as two book reviews:

What did you do to get you through this week?

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Sunday Salon – 4/14/13

Well this was a fun week! My parents were in town and both of my sets of grandparents came up. The girls took a little time to warm up, but Daniel was super excited and ran around like a crazy person to see everyone. I did manage to squeeze a little reading around the edges, though. Here’s what I finished:

This week I also hosted BOOK CLUB for the fascinating novel The Liars’ Gospel by Naomi Alderman, as well as reviewing the following books:

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Sunday Salon! 4-7-13

Um… I don’t have a whole lot to say about this past week (except Elizabeth stood on her own three times yesterday). So, without further ado, recent baby pictures!

As far as what I finished this week, that is less exciting, picture-wise, because the one print book I finished this week does not yet have a cover image. It is Jillian Cantor’s Margo, coming in September from Riverhead Books. Other than that, here’s what I finished:

And here’s what I reviewed:

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TSS: Teaser

So, I have a big week coming up this week, stuff you’ll find out about in the next couple of days. But, um, I don’t actually have much to say today, so here are some pictures of babies!

High chair twins!

Elizabeth has not quite figured out how to eat puffs

Elizabeth gets stuck!

They got to try to eat things on their own (puffs and scrambled eggs) for the first time this week and they are really into it – particularly Elizabeth.

Back to the bookish, here’s what I read this week:

On Thursday I posted my February 2013 Reading Wrap-Up and let you know February’s pick of the month. I also reviewed the following:

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Sunday Salon – 2-24-13 (an anniversary)

So here I was, thinking that this week had not much worthy of note (it was not a bad week, just not much interesting to talk about), when I remembered that there was a little anniversary I forgot earlier this week. Turns out, Friday was the 5th anniversary of my first-ever post at Devourer of Books: Beginning of a Booktastic Journey, which includes my list of favorite books from back when I graduated college.  I’ve told my “origin story” to many people, but I might as well share it here, as well. Basically, the existence of book blogs had never occurred to me until someone mentioned their existence in a thread in the LibraryThing Early Reviewers group. My reasoning pretty much went like this: “I think my friends and family are sick of always being told about what I’m reading, maybe the internet cares!” And the internet does care (or at least a small portion of it does). I have met so many wonderful people in the last five years: bloggers, authors, publicists and marketing people, editors, and many others passionate about books and the reading community. I love being immersed in the book world and cannot, at this point, imagine my life without it.

Anyway, that’s my little five year gush fest. As for reading I had a pretty good week. I got all caught up on writing reviews and freelance pieces, so I had extra time to read. In addition to the queries and requested manuscripts I read, I also finished all of this:

This past week I told you about February’s books I’m dying to Drop Everything And Read, and I also reviewed these books:

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