The Bookstore Celebrity Bookseller!

Not only have my bookseller friends at The Bookstore in Glen Ellyn been incredibly supportive of my Chicago Author Month, they have also taken the idea and run with it in their own way. For one thing, they and I are co-hosting a Chicago Author Month on Thursday, October 28th (put it on your calendar and join us!), but more information about that next week.

If you’re looking for more in-person Chicago Author Month fun this week, though, you can stop into The Bookstore on Friday morning from 10 until noon to shop with Celebrity Bookseller Melanie Benjamin. Melanie Benjamin is the author of “Alice I Have Been,” a book I absolutely loved. She has previously guest posted on this blog, talking about her inspiration for “Alice I Have Been,” and will actually be guest posting again for Chicago Author Month on Tuesday, October 26th, so look for that!

The ladies at The Bookstore have made sure to stock some of Melanie’s favorite books so stop by, have some coffee, and let her handsell you something! This could also be a good time to chat with Melanie about her upcoming work of historical fiction, due out next summer from Random House, it sounds like another winner!

Celebrate The Bookstore in Glen Ellyn!

Those of you in the Chicago area, what are you doing Thursday night?

I am going to be at The Bookstore in Glen Ellyn, celebrating the store’s 50th birthday. There will be cake, prizes, and even some free books! If you haven’t been to The Bookstore before, this would be a great time to come and check it out. Plus, you can come and say hi to me and Daniel!

For more information, see the post about the party on the The Bookstore blog!