Linny’s Sweet Dreams List by Susan Schild


20160209_140604Linny’s Sweet Dream List was one of the very first queries I got when started agenting. The writing sample had voice coming out its ears so I requested the full manuscript and PROMPTLY read it, called the author, and signed her as quickly as I could.

Linny’s Sweet Dream List had to change very little from that first manuscript until the time it sold, because Schild created such a winning character, setting, and plot. In case you’re curious, here’s the description:

At thirty-eight, Linny Taylor is suddenly living a life she thought only happened to other, more careless people. Widowed for the second time, and broke, thanks to her cheating late husband, Linny has no house, no job, and no options except to go back home. There, in a trailer as run down as her self-esteem, Linny makes a list of things that might bring happiness. A porch swing. A job that nourishes her heart as well as her bank balance. Maybe even a date or two.

At first, every goal seems beyond reach. But it’s hard for Linny to stay in the doldrums when a stray puppy is coercing her out of her shell—right into the path of the town’s kind, compassionate vet. The quirky town is filled with friends and family, including Linny’s mother, Dottie, who knows more about heartache than her daughters ever guessed. And as Linny contemplates each item on her list, she begins to realize that the dreams most worth holding on to can only be measured in the sweetness of a life lived to the fullest…

This is just the sweetest, funniest book and GUESS WHAT? If you love it as much as I do, there are moooooooore books coming in this series.

So yeah, take a read and fall in love.

You can buy it here on Amazon.

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  • Hi, good to see you back for a review. I believe I went into book blogging thanks to you, so I’m glad to see you today here. A blogger liked to your site today (it’s #BBAW, I was surprised, I thought you were no longer posting, so I was curious and clicked and I see you had a recent post!