Driver’s Education by Grant Ginder

Driver's EducationSo, here’s the deal. Back in January, this book Driver’s Education came out in hardcover, written by Grant Ginder a guy who was in pretty much half of all my classes in high school. We had far too much fun snarking with one another in the back of our French classes, so I was, understandable, I think, that I was SUPER NERVOUS about reading his book, in case it was terrible or something. I purposely didn’t take a review copy so nobody would know if I had it and would be looking for a review, and then I put off reading it for like 3 months because I was too nervous. I figured with my own copy, I could read it and just NEVER TALK ABOUT IT AGAIN if it was bad.

The problem was, I read it in April and it was FABULOUS and one of the better books I read all year and I STILL didn’t ever write about it because I’m lame and basically a terrible friend from the past and blogger. Now the paperback is out and I am FINALLY rectifying the situation.

Here’s the publisher’s description:

FINN McPHEE EDITS A REALITY TV SHOW. His father, Colin, is a screenwriter. Both are adept at spinning fictions, a skill passed down to them by McPhee patriarch Alistair, whose wild yarns never failed to capture Finn’s youthful imagination – even as they cast a fragile veil over a past marked by devastating loss, unbearable love, and an incessant longing for a life whose heroic proportions could measure up to the breathtakingly vivid color of Alistair’s dreams. As Finn embarks on a road trip across America with his best friend, Randal, and a three-legged cat named Mrs. Dalloway in a last-chance bid to make his grandfather’s dreams come true, he will finally learn that the truth, though not always stranger than fiction, can sometimes make the best story of all.

Here’s the thing. Ginder spins a great story, and the whole thing is wonderful. But I wasn’t expecting what he did with the ending and that took it from a solidly really good book to OMG, THIS IS GREAT YOU GUYS.

So, I was really remiss in not telling you guys about this earlier because then it could have been on some of your best-of lists, but now you know so reeeeead it, please!

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