Sunday Salon – Pre-Audiobook Week Edition

audiobookweekbutton zpsdb6e126c picture OH MY GOD YOU GUYS, AUDIOBOOK WEEK STARTS TOMORROW.

Whew, sorry, now that’s out of my system. Or sort of, at least. I’ll probably be halfway insane all next week with it going on, and I have spent most of my free time in this past week preparing for it.

Between all the Audiobook Week prep and the fact that I have like 6 different books going, I finished absolutely nothing in print this week. Here’s all I got through:

It was a busy week on the blog, though! I had an interview with and audio clip from Cassandra Campbell for the June is Audiobook Month project Going Public…In Shorts and I also posted my June D.E.A.R. post. In addition to all that, here’s what I reviewed:

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