Sunday Salon – Post-Audiobook Week

This was sort of a crazy week. On one hand, it was Audiobook Week, which is one of the biggest weeks on my blog. Luckily I had nearly everything scheduled and ready to go, because at the end of last week we heard that my grandfather was in the hospital. On Sunday we drove down to Indianapolis because he was doing worse. He passed on on Monday afternoon and we were down there until Tuesday. When we came back I had a few freelance assignments that had to be taken care of right away, but other than that I was more into spending time with my kids than any time on the computer, so I still haven’t commented on more than 15 or so Audiobook Week posts. Eventually I will though, I promise!

In case you missed any Audiobook Week posts, here’s the wrap-up:

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I did get a fair amount of reading in with all my not at the computer time. Here’s what I finished:

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