Snapper by Brian Kimberling – Audiobook Review

Snapper by Brian Kimberling, narrated by Macleod Andrews
Published in audio by Random House Audio, published in print by TK

Publisher’s Synopsis:

Nathan Lochmueller studies birds, earning just enough money to live on. He drives a glitter-festooned truck, the Gypsy Moth, and he is in love with Lola, a woman so free-spirited and mysterious she can break a man’s heart with a sigh or a shrug. Around them swirls a remarkable cast of characters: the proprietor of Fast Eddie’s Burgers & Beer, the genius behind “Thong Thursdays”; Uncle Dart, a Texan who brings his swagger to Indiana with profound and nearly devastating results; a snapping turtle with a taste for thumbs; a German shepherd who howls backup vocals; and the very charismatic state of Indiana itself. And at the center of it all is Nathan, creeping through the forest to observe the birds he loves and coming to terms with the accidental turns his life has taken.

Thoughts on the story:

Snapper is a lovely, contemplative little novel. It basically consists of Nathan musing about Indiana: his childhood, his job studying birds, and the people that surround him (good, bad, and ugly). I’m not sure how much Snapper would appeal to those who have not spent considerable time in Indiana (although anyone who has clocked significant time in small towns might understand pretty well), but I was born there and still have family in the Indianapolis area, so Nathan’s mixed feelings about the state rang very true to me. With anecdotes ranging from humorous to heartfelt, I fell a little bit in love with Nathan and his Indiana.

Thoughts on the audio production:

Macleod Andrew is a new-to-me narrator, but in my opinion he does a great job with Snapper. This is one of those lovely first person performances where the narrator becomes the main character and you sort of forget that this is fiction and a bunch of people had to work to make it happen. Very good.


One thing to note about Snapper is that it is the perfect length – just about 6 hours in audio. It cuts off exactly where it should

For more information, please see the publisher’s website.

Source: Publisher.

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5 comments to Snapper by Brian Kimberling – Audiobook Review

  • I think contemplative novels should be short or they will start to ramble if too long. It’s good that you were able to relate to this one because of the setting.

  • I’ve been looking at the cover of Snapper off and on. It sounds like audio is the way to go, now that I know it’s not all about bird-watching!

  • I don’t feel like I can actually link up my post, since I only briefly mentioned two audio books; they aren’t full reviews. But one of them was THE SWEETNESS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PIE, and I thought the audio production was really well done. I also liked that it was about 6 hours long – like you say it’s nice to have an audio book hit that mark. I usually listen to longer books (makes me feel like I’m getting my Audible money’s worth!) but it was very satisfying to have this one be shorter.

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