Sunday Salon – 4/21/13

When a story about someone trying to send ricin to the president and a senator gets largely overlooked, you know it is a crazy, crappy week. None of the news drama effected me directly, but I did find myself staying up far too late too many nights glued to Twitter for the next report. I saw lots of complaints about the cable news networks, particularly CNN, but all my attention was on what was being tweeted and retweeted by those in the print media, particularly the Boston Globe. We also had some fun torrential rains here last week, particularly Wednesday night, and when I checked my basement Thursday morning I had nice, damp carpet and a non-functional sump pump. My husband was traveling, but luckily my inlaws live nearby and my father-in-law came over and took care of it. Not quite sure what I would have done…

Despite all that, I did actually get some reading done. I think I was trying to dive into fiction to escape some of the madness of reality.

This week I posted a giveaway for Nathaniel Philbrick’s new Bunker Hill and a guest post with Amity & Sorrow author Peggy Riley, as well as two book reviews:

What did you do to get you through this week?

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4 comments to Sunday Salon – 4/21/13

  • I’m glad to see someone else reading River of Dust, I’m just about to start it! The author is local, so I’m hoping it ends up being a good one.

    I actually ended up reading four books at a time this week, which is something I never do – I always try to limit myself to two. I don’t know if it was a symptom of all the craziness, but it got a little out of hand there for a minute.

  • Yes, it was a crazy, tragic week. I didn’t get much reading done at all (though I don’t think I can blame the news).

    So sorry about your flooded basement! I’m glad your father-in-law was able to come over and help out.

  • It was a tragic and almost crazy week. :( Sorry to hear about your basement! I’ve had basement issues as well and I know what a pain it is. Did you already read The Other Typist? I’m curious about that book.

  • River of Dust looks interesting!

    It really was a crazy week, wasn’t it? I was starting to wonder if it was ever going to end.