Aunt Dimity and the Lost Prince by Nancy Atherton – Giveaway

So, for YEARS now I have been hearing about the Aunt Dimity mysteries, but I haven’t known anything about them. I’m always loathe to start a book in the middle of a series, but the Aunt Dimity mysteries are paranormal cozies that the publicist compared to Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple books. She also assured me that Aunt Dimity and the Lost Prince was her first dip into the series and she didn’t feel that she was lost starting at number 18. Between all that and the Russian Revolution connection, I’m sold. Check out the synopsis:

It’s a cold, dreary February in the sleepy village of Finch and Lori Shepherd has two stir-crazy seven-year-old boys on her hands. So when her good friend Bree Pym suggests an outing to Skeaping Manor, the bizarre Jacobean-house-turned-museum, Lori leaps at the chance. There she meets Daisy Pickering, a sweet (if a little odd) nine-year-old dressed in a shabby pink parka who regales Lori with a wild tale about the Russian aristocrats who once owned the priceless silver pieces on display.

A few days later, when a finely wrought silver sleigh figurine turns up in the pocket of a shabby pink parka at her thrift shop Lori recognizes it instantly as the object that mesmerized Daisy at Skeaping Manor. Hoping to avoid any real commotion, Lori tracks down Daisy’s mother, only to find that the Pickering family has disappeared without a trace. Stranger still, it seems that one of Daisy’s imagined Russian princes may be very real—and in desperate need of help.

With Aunt Dimity’s otherworldly guidance, Lori’s search for the sleigh’s true owner and the fate of the Pickering family begins to unravel a tangled web of secrets stretching from England’s finest country estates back to the blood-drenched soil of the Russian Revolution.

If you’ve been reading Aunt Dimity all along – or if you want to start with Aunt Dimity and the Lost Prince with me – I have one copy to give away to a reader with a US mailing address. Just fill in the form below by 11:59 pm Central on Wednesday, May 1.

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