Way Down to Kokomo

So, I ran away from my family this weekend for about 30 hours. My cousin and his wife are having a little baby girl, so I came down to Kokomo for the baby shower (and now I have the Beach Boys song stuck in my head).  My husband was brave enough to stay home alone with the kids and rent me a hotel room down here so I didn’t have to drive 7+ hours in one day, and so I could get my Sunday morning work time – plus some bonus Saturday night work time!

Other than that, the highlight of our week was our neighbors’ estate sale. They’re really great neighbors, so we’re sad they are moving, but we bought ALL THE THINGS from them, and suddenly we don’t have empty rooms any more and it actually looks like people really live at our house now.

I’m actually not sure where the rest of the week went, but I’m very slowly digging out of my query inbox. Other than manuscripts, here’s what I finished this week:

This week I posted about the March 2013 books I’d like to Drop Everything And Read and I also wrote a few reviews for you:


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