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So, I have a big week coming up this week, stuff you’ll find out about in the next couple of days. But, um, I don’t actually have much to say today, so here are some pictures of babies!

IMG 20130301 160837 300x300 picture

High chair twins!

IMG 20130301 161156 300x300 picture

Elizabeth has not quite figured out how to eat puffs

IMG 20130301 175809 300x300 picture

Elizabeth gets stuck!

They got to try to eat things on their own (puffs and scrambled eggs) for the first time this week and they are really into it – particularly Elizabeth.

Back to the bookish, here’s what I read this week:

thecrookedbranch zps0ea4fbaa picturethedemonlover zps26fd2c8a picturethewaterwitch zps17c41132 picturetheendoftheaffair zpsa98723dd picture

On Thursday I posted my February 2013 Reading Wrap-Up and let you know February’s pick of the month. I also reviewed the following:

smugglernation 1 zps7fdf7bb5 picturethecomfortoflies zps9b5ce1b3 pictureeightydays zps3b31a5e7 picture

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