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Some time at the end of last year, I had an idea. A vision, one might even say. I wasn’t sure how to get it started, or what exactly I looked like, but I took my vision to my resident enabler Nicole (well, she resides in my gchat, anyway). She and I thought about it for awhile, but we weren’t exactly sure how or when to make it happen. Then, a couple of weeks ago, Nicole called me with a strategy for getting this started, and a new project was born.

I am pleased to introduce:

Bloggers Recommend

Bloggers Recommend is our own blogger-created monthly ‘must read’ list. We want to provide an easy way for readers to find out what hot books are coming out each month, while also spotlighting the recommendation power of book bloggers (and some individual book bloggers themselves). We have formed an advisory board we are very excited about, full of awesome and influential book bloggers, many of whom also write/talk about books in other places in addition to their own blogs. Our advisory board has agreed to give us at least one pick each month; in return there are some publishers who will be sending them additional books so that they can consider them for recommendation. However, we also welcome recommendations from any blogger who blogs primarily about books and has been doing so for at least six months (recommendations must be in by the 20th of the month previous to the book’s pub date).

Today was our Bloggers Recommend soft launch, but we will be picking up steam over the next couple of months so that by May we will begin sending you newsletters full of nineteen new book recommendations. If you love books, we’d love for you to check out our newsletter (March’s is embedded below) and subscribe.

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