Sunday Salon – 2-24-13 (an anniversary)

So here I was, thinking that this week had not much worthy of note (it was not a bad week, just not much interesting to talk about), when I remembered that there was a little anniversary I forgot earlier this week. Turns out, Friday was the 5th anniversary of my first-ever post at Devourer of Books: Beginning of a Booktastic Journey, which includes my list of favorite books from back when I graduated college.  I’ve told my “origin story” to many people, but I might as well share it here, as well. Basically, the existence of book blogs had never occurred to me until someone mentioned their existence in a thread in the LibraryThing Early Reviewers group. My reasoning pretty much went like this: “I think my friends and family are sick of always being told about what I’m reading, maybe the internet cares!” And the internet does care (or at least a small portion of it does). I have met so many wonderful people in the last five years: bloggers, authors, publicists and marketing people, editors, and many others passionate about books and the reading community. I love being immersed in the book world and cannot, at this point, imagine my life without it.

Anyway, that’s my little five year gush fest. As for reading I had a pretty good week. I got all caught up on writing reviews and freelance pieces, so I had extra time to read. In addition to the queries and requested manuscripts I read, I also finished all of this:

This past week I told you about February’s books I’m dying to Drop Everything And Read, and I also reviewed these books:

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