Sunday Salon – 2/10/13

I hope everyone who braved Nemo is safe and warm with power, heat, and some good reading material. For us, Nemo actually meant that my husband got to come home a day early. He was in Texas most of the week but with an event in New England on Friday. Well, luckily the event got canceled and he got to head home Thursday afternoon instead of getting stuck out east for who knows how long. He meant for it to be a surprise, actually, but I ruined it by checking his flight information when I realized he was going to fly into Nemo’s path. Ah, well, he still got to surprise Daniel.

This past week was busy-busy, including finally cataloging all of the books that came into the house during January. Yikes, there will have to be some bookshelf shuffles going on soon. The girls have also been busy teething. And the end of January they were toothless, but by yesterday (their 7 month birthday, by the way), they each had one lower tooth. They are also crawling ALL over the place, sitting up, and crawling up and out of the sunken living room. Elizabeth has even contemplated the stairs!

Perhaps unsurprisingly I haven’t had a whole ton of reading time, but here’s what I’ve finished so far this month:

On Friday I told you about the audiobooks I’m really dying to get to and Thursday I announced that I have a signed galley of Jojo Moyes’s wonderful Me Before You to give away. Here’s what I reviewed so far this month:

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6 comments to Sunday Salon – 2/10/13

  • I love that photo of Elizabeth and Margaret (is that her name? sorry if I forget, all you book bloggers with kids, there are too many to keep up with 😉 ) photobombing the photo. That was one of my favorites from this past week that you had. It’s nice to be able to connect with y’all in different ways each week instead of just through the blog…um, not that I don’t like your blog, I do. Speaking of which, I’ve seen The Eleventh Plague at the library where I work and wondered about it. It looked good, and I’ll be interested to hear what you think of it.

    • You got her name right! I enjoyed The Eleventh Plague, I actually reviewed it a week ago, so you can follow the link to see exactly what I thought =). It wasn’t mind-blowing, but there were some good insights about the kid’s attempts to fit back into civilization.

  • I was in New England on business as well and had to come home early. I wasn’t the least bit disappointed. I’d much rather look at all the pictures from my warm MS home :) I’m reviewing The Promise of Stardust tomorrow so I’m not going to read your review until after I post mine :p For now, I’ll just say it blew me away.

  • It sounds like you are going to be super busy with those mobile babies :) But how cute is that picture??? I love it! And that is such a fun age! It sounds like you are still managing to read some quality books which is always a good thing :) Hope you have a great week!

  • Look at those girls, ridiculously cute! :) It’s nice that you had some extra time with your hubby, that’s not always easy to come by.

    I’m looking forward to hearing what you thought of Literary Rogues, that sounds interesting.

    Happy Sunday!

  • Elizabeth is adorable! & Margaret too! Look forward to hear what you think of Comfort of Lies. cheers