Sunday Salon – President Bartlet Forever

So, in case you haven’t heard, the entirety of West Wing is now streaming on Netflix. I used to watch this back in the day (at least the first few seasons), and now I just can’t stop. I’ve finished three seasons already, and I just keep going. It is really dated in some ways (pagers!), and some things didn’t age so well (some casual sexism, particularly in the first season and the occasionally extremely pedantic style), but you know, I just can’t stop myself from starting the next episode, and the one after that. Although who knows, that may change after Rob Lowe leaves.

Between that and Elizabeth crawling(!) now, I’ve not been reading very much, although that fact is camouflaged somewhat by the fact that the books I did finish this week I’d already been reading for awhile. Here’s what I finished:

And here’s what I reviewed:

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9 comments to Sunday Salon – President Bartlet Forever

  • I am so glad too that Netflix finally has all of The West Wing on streaming. For a while, there was one disc from Season Three (I think it was) that was marked “Very long wait,” so it’s good to know that I can keep going and without waiting for the discs. I didn’t find this show as pedantic as the movie The American President, another Sorkin creation, so it really didn’t bother me too much…that one, even though I agreed with some of the sentiments, I thought it was way too heavy-handed.

    • I love that movie, but I probably haven’t seen it since last time I was watching West Wing. I suspect I would probably find it pedantic but still love it, like WW. I think WW does okay when you only watch an episode at a time, but doing marathons on Netflix exposes some of the flaws.

  • Sharongracepjs

    I’m currently trapped in the same glorious rabbit hole! I’d never watched it back in the day, so it’s all new and all so so great. About to start season 3!

  • Too funny – I am in the West Wing trap too! I’d actually never watched more than an episode or two before, but my boyfriend promised I would quickly become obsessed, and now we’re halfway through the 4th season. I told him we had to stop watching because I am studying for finals, but he’s totally cheating and watching it on his iPad with headphones on while I study, lol.

  • Michelle

    Rob Lowe leaves?! Nooooooo.

  • Jealous of the new Maisie Dobbs!

    Also – yeah, I HATED season 5 of WW. Rob Lowe left, I didn’t like the new characters introduced at first, blah blah. But I thought 6 and 7 got a little better again. Still not up to 2-4 par though.

  • I stopped watching when Sam Seaborn departed.