Sunday Salon – First of 2013

The new year is upon us! If you are going to be all contemplative and navel gazing, this is the time of year to do it, and I have been posting accordingly. I finished up 2012 by posting my Best Books of 2012 and began 2013 by posting about my 2012 reading stats and what my reading and this blog will look like over the coming year. Part of what is changing the blog this year is my new gig as an assistant agent at Larsen Pomada literary agency. If you are an author with historical fiction or upmarket women’s fiction to query, you can submit to me by pasting your query, your 1-2 page synopsis, and the first chapter of your novel into the body of an email and sending it to

Those of you just here for the reading, and not also for your own writing, you may want to make sure that you are following my ‘Books I Love in 2013‘ pinboard. It is relatively empty at the moment, but as I post more reviews more of my very favorite books will be added. I also have multi-year boards covering audiobooks, historical fiction, and nonfiction.

On the home front, last night was the Great Toy Purge of 2013, in an attempt to impose order on Daniel’s stuff, particularly with all his new Christmas presents. We just sort of did it after he went to bed, so we’ll see if he notices and/or cares. We only actually got rid of cheap, knickknacky toys that he picked up at fast food restaurants and the like. However, we did give some of his hold stuff to the girls and relegated other stuff to the basement. Speaking of the girls, they are now both mobile. Margaret is just scooting backwards so she can’t really aim, but you never know where she’ll end up. Elizabeth, on the other hand, has attained forward motion; she isn’t quite crawling yet, but she does a combination army crawl and little worm motion to go after specific things. They can also both flip over both ways now, so I can’t lay them down on their backs and hope they won’t go anywhere anymore. Thank goodness for jumpers! Here’s a short video I took of them two days ago, with Margaret apparently giving Elizabeth some kind of instructions:

Here’s what I finished reading so far this year:

And what I’ve reviewed so far:

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