Sunday Salon – Baking Bonanza

We’re passing out little holiday cookie boxes to all our new(ish) neighbors this afternoon, so we’ve been baking all week. So far we’ve made fudge, chocolate chip cookies (twice, from Emma Straub‘s recipe which I’ll be posting here on Tuesday), sugar cookies, and Scandinavian almond bars. Daniel helped with the sugar cookies, so I wanted to let him help frost them, but evidently we have differing definitions of what a frosted cookie looks like:

I helped him frost the first two, then let him go as I took care of babies. After he’d done about half of them, I took a peek and told him that he should maybe put some more frosting on. “No, they’re fine,” he told me. Either tonight or tomorrow I also need to make some toddler muffins. We actually call them ‘Nana muffins’ here, because my mom was the first one to make them for Daniel, but these oat bran with banana, carrot, and squash muffins (we do full-size, not mini-muffins) are Daniel’s favorite. He actually eats them for breakfast most mornings, which is great because he can actually come downstairs on his own and take one out of the refrigerator – although he then leaves the fridge open when he brings the ziplock bag up for me to close.

The girls have not been sleeping super well in the last week or so and have been kind of fussy during the day, so my baking has taken up most of my quiet, free times for the first few hours after they go to bed. As a result, I haven’t done much reading or writing this week. I actually very specifically started this month with two slower nonfiction reads so that I could catch up on my reviews and other writing before finishing anything else. The idea of slowing down finishing a book worked well, but not so much the idea of catching up on my writing. I did clean the family room and laundry room yesterday, maybe if I can do the kitchen today then having an uncluttered living space will help my ideas flow from my brain to my keyboard.

Here are the books I’ve finished so far this month. I told you, slow!

And here’s what I reviewed this week:

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